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Mold Removal New York and New Jersey

Mold Remediation Near You

Mold removal is a tricky business and if done improperly, can result in the fungus returning repeatedly or contaminating other parts of your home or business. Many people try to paint over mold or clean it up with bleach, but that does not effectively remediate the mold problem. In fact, bleach may exacerbate the problem by releasing mold spores into the air and contaminate other areas of your home or business.

ServiceMaster Restore is the name you can trust for mold removal and remediation. We have been providing expert mold removal services to homes and businesses in New York and New Jersey. Our certified technicians are knowledgeable in proper mold detection, assessment of damage, containment and cleanup procedures, as well as structural repairs if needed.

If you are experiencing mold damage in your home or business, don't wait to contact us. Our technicians are available 24/7, and can help you get the mold remediation process started quickly and efficiently. We will return your property back to its pre-damage condition in no time.

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Side Effects Of Mold Infestations

Mold eats away at affected materials and surfaces, so it will eventually destroy the drywall or wood that it is growing on. This causes the affected surfaces and materials to weaken and experience structural damage. Mold has a strong, pungent odor that may linger in the building if the source is left to fester for a long period of time.

Residents of the building may experience infections and allergic reactions if they are exposed to mold growth. Common allergic reactions include skin irritation, headaches, nasal congestion, coughing, and itchy eyes and throat. Respiratory infections are a greater risk for those who are frequently exposed to mold.

Those with weak immune systems like the elderly and young children are more vulnerable to mold-related illnesses and the potential health problems will only worsen if you do not remove the mold on your property.

Our Mold removal Process

Mold removal is a complex process that must be done accurately or else the mold damages can worsen. Our mold professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration by Quick Response are highly specialized in mold removal, ensuring the process is done quickly and effectively.

The mold removal process includes:

  • Phase 1: Inspection and Assessment - We contain and identify the mold infestation before proceeding. A professional mold inspector will come to the site and conduct a thorough inspection, assessing the severity of any existing contamination.

  • Phase 2: Mold Removal - We use commercial grade anti-microbial agents to attack and eliminate the mold. All affected areas are thoroughly cleaned to ensure all traces of the microorganisms are gone before proceeding with repairs.

  • Phase 3: Prevent Mold from Spreading - We remove the mold in a safe, effective and measurable way , preventing it from spreading to other areas. We use high-efficiency air filtration systems to purify the air and seal off any potential pathways for the mold to travel through.

Our experts can help prevent mold from spreading to unaffected areas and get it under our control… fast! When you call us, you can be sure the mold is entirely removed from your home.

Contact ServiceMaster Restoration by Quick Response to immediately begin the mold remediation process in Rockland County NY, Orange County NY, Bergen County NJ, and Passaic County NJ.

ServiceMaster Restoration by Quick Response guarantees:

  • 24/7/365 emergency response
  • Expertly trained technicians
  • Ongoing communications and explanation throughout the process
  • Photo Documentation
  • Coordination with major insurance carriers, if needed
  • Follow up after every job

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    When Is Mold Remediation Required?

    Professional mold remediation services are key to ensuring your home remains mold-free and safe for you and your family. It is recommended that when mold covers a space larger than ten square feet in your home, you should consult a mold removal expert on the steps needed to eliminate mold growth.

    Our mold remediation specialists can identify possible health risks associated with mold infestations, recommend proactive strategies to prevent future mold outbreaks, and remediate any existing mold damage.

    Acting quickly is essential before mold has the chance to spread further, cause additional damage, or lead to potential health concerns. When you work with our team at ServiceMaster Restoration by Quick Response, you can have peace of mind that the mold issue in your home has been properly identified and handled to prevent future growth.

    What Kills Black Mold On Walls?

    Black mold is a potentially hazardous form of fungus that grows on indoor walls, ceilings and other surfaces. Removing black mold from walls requires a multi-step process, beginning with identifying the source of the mold.

    Areas with high humidity and consistent moisture are likely places to find black mold. Eliminating this source of moisture is necessary for effective treatment. After that has been done, an antibacterial cleaner can be used to remove the mold.

    Some at-home solutions such as detergent and bleach may also help with prevention and mitigation; however, they are not recommended as primary mold eliminating tactics.

    If mold is discovered on interior walls, it's best to seek professional assistance to ensure proper removal. Mold professionals or mold removal services can be utilized to come into the home and properly eliminate the mold using specialized processes.