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Specialty Services at ServiceMaster Restoration by RSI - Oklahoma City

At ServiceMaster Restoration by RSI in Oklahoma City, OK, we understand that each restoration need is unique. That’s why we offer a variety of specialty services to meet your specific needs. Our highly trained and certified professionals use advanced techniques and equipment to ensure the best results.

Our Specialty Services

We provide a wide range of specialty services including but not limited to:

Biohazard Cleanup Services

We provide professional bio-hazard cleanup services, dealing with situations that require special treatment, like sewage backups, chemical spills or any other bio-hazards.

Trauma Scene Cleanup Services

Our team is fully trained and certified for trauma scene cleanup. We handle these sensitive situations with utmost care and respect.

Hoarding Cleanup Services

We offer comprehensive hoarding clean up services. Our team takes a compassionate approach while helping individuals regain control over their living spaces.

Post Construction Clean Up Services

After the construction or renovation work is done, we step in to ensure that your property is clean, safe and ready for occupancy.

Bringing Certainty to Uncertain Times

In times of uncertainty, ServiceMaster Restoration by RSI - Oklahoma City stands as your unwavering support, providing clarity, answering your questions, and guiding you step-by-step through the restoration process.

Your home, a cherished sanctuary, can face unforeseen emergencies demanding immediate attention and specialized cleanup and restoration services. Rely on the expertise of our team to navigate these challenging times with professional assistance.

Our Specialized Restoration Services

  • Reconstruction: From the initial damage assessment to site cleanup and rebuilding, we are committed to serving you with minimal disruption, ensuring timely project completion after various disasters.

  • Tarping & Board-Up: Swiftly restoring your home's safety and security, we shield it from the elements to prevent further damage.

  • Hoarding: ServiceMaster Restore is the sole national provider offering hoarding clean-up services, supported by proprietary training and compassionate care.

  • Trauma: Understanding the emotional toll of trauma, we work closely with you to alleviate stress while restoring your property.

  • Vehicle Impact & Damage: Damage from vehicle impact can compromise your home's structural integrity. We provide emergency stabilization and collaborate with your insurance provider for efficient claim handling.

  • Packout & Content Management: Even after the fire is extinguished, your cherished items remain at risk. Recognizing their value, we excel in handling, cleaning, and storing possessions. Our pack-out crews, trained in packing and inventory management, stand by your side.

ServiceMaster Restoration by RSI - Oklahoma City brings certainty to the uncertain, ensuring that, even in the most challenging times, your property receives expert care and restoration.

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If you need any of our specialty services in Oklahoma City, OK don't hesitate to Contact Us. At ServiceMaster Restoration by RSI, we are committed to providing exceptional service 24/7.