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Oklahoma Commercial Fire and Smoke Damage

Even though the flames are out, commercial fire and smoke damage can continue. A fire creates a variety of complex chemical reactions. Its scent permeates almost all surfaces, contents, and materials. And since soot particles are small, their odor gets almost everywhere.

The experts at ServiceMaster Restoration by RSI understand the chemical combinations that effectively clean and salvage belongings. We can even remove soot from at-risk items like chrome, marble, aluminum, tile, porcelain, brass, and fabrics in upholstery and carpets.

Restoring your commercial space is a time-sensitive task. Acting quickly is essential in reducing losses because it only takes a few days before items turn from cleanable to unsalvageable.

We have experts in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Ada, and Seminole to guide you through the fire and smoke damage restoration process.

Oklahoma Commercial Fire and Smoke Damage can wreak havoc on your life, let us help you 24/7!

ServiceMaster Restoration’s 5-Step Commercial Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Process

ServiceMaster Restoration by RSI employs a five-step process to restore your commercial property from fire and smoke damage. We’ve outlined the process below.

1. Emergency Pre-Cleaning

After even a minor fire, you’ll notice a black powdery, sometimes oily, substance covering office furniture and equipment. The substance is soot.

Soot particles are small, allowing them to move freely in the air and penetrate materials. Soot created by fires is acidic, and over time it can damage materials it encounters.

We perform an initial pre-clean of smoke-affected property within 24 hours to halt the damage for a cost-effective and successful restoration project. This step can make the difference between a minor clean-up and a much larger project.

2. Content Pack Out

A pack out is when we remove the contents of your office after a fire to complete repairs or construction. Our pack-out services maximize recovery by reducing or eliminating secondary damage through expert cleaning, drying, and restoration.

The process begins with an inspection of belongings. We categorize them into unsalvageable, recoverable, and unharmed categories. We then remove unharmed and recoverable items from the damaged space. We inventory and store contents in our secure and climate-controlled facility. We keep all of your items together and carefully tracked.

3. Content Cleaning

Once we evaluate and record the salvageable items, we begin the content cleaning process. Depending on the material and damage, we will determine the best way to clean things.

We’ll test to determine appropriate product and cleaning solutions to use on each item.

Our services include cleaning of:

  • Soft goods such as drapes, blinds, rugs, and upholstery
  • Electronics, appliances, and equipment
  • Documents and art
  • Furniture, light fixtures, and other office items

We hand wash, launder, and dry clean items to remove stains and smells. We also use ultrasonic cleaning. We immerse objects in liquid during this process while high-frequency sound waves penetrate holes, cracks, and recesses. This method thoroughly removes all traces of contamination and odor.

4. Structure Cleaning

After a fire, smoke permeates into your space’s HVAC vents, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, and other porous materials.

A fire releases toxins in carbon monoxide, soot, carbon dioxide, and other chemicals. These smoke particles put building occupants’ health at risk. They can severely irritate the skin, and breathing in toxins can lead to health complications.

The acidic compounds in smoke and soot also can damage the structure.

We use state-of-the-art supplies and equipment to clean damaged areas of your building thoroughly. This cleaning removes smoke particles and restores the air quality in your commercial space.

5. Deodorization

Once we remove the soot and particles left behind after a fire, we begin the deodorization process. To counteract the smoke molecules, we use a blend of counteractants, solvents, and detergents.

To eliminate odor from your business, we may use any of the following processes:

  • Thermal Fog. During this process, we heat and spray a deodorizer in a fog form into the space. Droplets spread throughout the space in the same way the smoke did. The mixture attaches to smoke particles and absorbs them, thus neutralizing areas.
  • Air Scrubbers. This process draws in air from the surrounding environment and passes it through a portable filtration system. It scrubs the air and removes any chemicals, particles, odors, and gases.
  • Ozone Generator. This machine generates the molecule ozone, which reacts chemically with the particles it comes into contact with within the air. Ozone removes odors by chemically changing the structure of the molecules which create the smell.
  • Hydroxyl Generators. We can plug in and run the generator constantly while cleaning crews work throughout the building. It effectively removes the smoke smell from fabrics and surfaces.

When your life gets turned upside down, call ServiceMaster Restoration by RSI. We’re here to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Call us at (405) 251-7286 for our help with commercial fire and smoke damage.