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Accredited Continuing Education in Oklahoma City

Free Accredited CE Courses for Insurance Professionals

As the nation’s leading provider of 24/7/365 disaster restoration services, ServiceMaster Restoration by RSI is committed to providing Insurance Professionals free accredited Continuing Education (CE) courses because we understand the importance of keeping up with education, technology, and practices.

SMRSI holds a wide variety of well-researched classes ranging from a classroom ethics course to general property/casualty disaster restoration courses. Some of the classes that we offer are:

Ethics in Decision Making: A 3-Hour Interactive Course

Ethics – If You Don’t Live It, You Don’t Believe is a 3-hour presentation designed to educate you and your staff about decision making. In this class, you will learn how moral and ethical decision making is part of our everyday lives.

Understanding Insurance Fraud: A Comprehensive 3-Hour Training

Insurance Fraud is a 3-hour training program designed to educate insurance professionals on the history, laws, and statistics relating to insurance fraud.

Mold Remediation Techniques: A Detailed 3-Hour Course

Mold Remediation is a 3-hour course that explains misconceptions of mold, the life cycle of mold, and procedures needed to properly remediate a mold loss.

Smoke and Odor Damage Mitigation: A 3-Hour Expert Guide

Smoke and Odor Mitigation is a 3-hour course that looks at the procedures needed to properly mitigate a smoke or odor loss. This course dives into misconceptions of mitigation, compares single and complex fires, how soot and smoke can cause more damage than the fire itself, and gives examples of the proper things to do in a smoke and odor damage mitigation situation to save money for the customer and insurance company.

Subrogation Reporting: A 3-Hour Course on Mitigation Claims

Subrogation is a 3-hour course designed to educate insurance professionals about how the training and experience of a professional mitigation/restoration company can help insurance companies with their subrogation efforts.

Surviving a Business Disaster: A 3-Hour Strategy Session

Surviving a Business Disaster is a three-hour course that examines what happens when a disaster occurs in a business and the importance of having a plan in place prior to the disaster event.

Trauma and Bio-Hazard Losses: A 4-Hour Course on Specialized Cleaning

Trauma and Bio-Hazards Losses is a four-hour course designed to teach insurance professionals when to request trauma and bio-hazard cleaning services and how to set some customer expectations based on this type of trauma and difficulty of its removal.

Water Damage Mitigation: A 3-Hour Course on Effective Techniques

Water Damage Mitigation is a three-hour course that looks at the misconceptions of mitigation, the benefits of mitigating a loss early, and procedures needed to properly mitigate a water loss.

Join Our CE Courses to Stay Ahead in Your Field

All SMRSI courses are free and open to the public and anyone including Agents/Brokers/Producers, Insurance Adjusters, Insurance office staff, or business owners who want to be educated can attend. All of our classes meet all state property/casualty continuing education renewal requirements to keep your license active in the appropriate state you reside in.

CE Credit Eligibility and Processing

State regulations require you to sign in before class, sign out after class, and stay for the duration of the class to receive CE credit. For credit processing purposes, please bring your National Producer Number with you to class. After your credits have been processed, credits will appear on your online transcript or certificates of completion will be distributed by your SMRSI Account Executive.

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