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May Home Maintenance Checklist

May home maintenance checklist


Summer is coming!! Complete this home maintenance checklist to get ready for the new season.

  • Create a lawn maintenance schedule:
    • Water wisely – lawns need at least 1 inch of water every week. Water deeply and less frequently.
    • Mowing – mow regularly to keep your grass healthy
    • Fertilizer – it’s best to stop fertilizing about 30 days before your summer temps arrive.
  • Add mulch to your yard:
    • There are many benefits to adding mulch to your yard.
      • Retains water and slows down evaporation
      • Prevents soil compaction
      • Gives your yard some contrast
      • Protects roots of trees and plants
  • Inspect your AC:
    • Something that should be done at least once a month is changing out the air filter. Along with that, check the system outside. Remove any leaves or debris from the unit’s exterior. Clean the coils and interior of the unit.
  • Check weather stripping:
    • To check if weather stripping is needed around windows wet your hand with water, and run your hand around the casing of the window. The moisture on your hand will help you detect any drafts that may be passing through the window perimeter.
  • Pressure wash exterior:
    • Before starting the pressure washing process, be sure to check for any damages on the exterior of the home. Repair areas first, close all windows and doors. And you’re ready to begin!