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Commercial Pre-Loss Planning in Troy, NY

A Business Continuity Plan Can Expedite Disaster Restoration

No business is immune to the risk of disaster. A fire, flood, or another large-loss disaster can occur at any time, and when it does, your Troy business could be out of commission for weeks or even months while you rebuild. That's why it's important to have a business continuity plan in place.

ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Green Island offers the commercial pre-loss planning services you need to create a plan that will keep your business afloat in times of stress. We will provide you with the information and resources needed to identify potential risks, develop strategies to reduce them, and create a business continuity plan that can help speed up the commercial restoration process.

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What is a Business Continuity Plan?

A business continuity plan outlines the steps a business will take to prepare for and respond to disaster. It outlines how the business can maintain operations and continue providing essential services, even in the face of unexpected events or large losses.

Pre-loss planning helps you create a business continuity plan that’ll include:

  • Plans for specific types of disasters and how to effectively mitigate risk
  • A disaster response plan to help you if a disaster were to affect your business
  • A review of your insurance coverage to make sure you fully understand your policy
  • Backup system for your most important physical content and items
  • Emergency response protocols for employees and customers
  • An updated list of contact information for insurance company, vendors, employees, and more in case of a disaster

As any business owner could attest, losing even just one day can severely impact your company and its employees. Having the above in one comprehensive plan will help you get your business back open fast following a disaster.

What Types of Disasters Can Be Planned For?

While weather-related disasters can be predicted, disasters like fires can’t. This is why it’s important to consider the biggest threats to your New York business, what could be done to prepare for them, and what’s needed to restore things.

Pre-loss planning can help you create a plan for virtually any disaster, including:

This is only the beginning. Regardless of what disaster you may fear, rest assured our team knows what kind of disasters you could expect in Troy.

Pre-Loss Planning Keeps Businesses Open

Being unprepared for disaster only makes you, your staff, and even your customers more susceptible to health and safety concerns. At ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Green Island, we understand how devastating a disaster can be on everyone in your community and look to ensure you know how to rebuild and continue on.

Planning ahead with a disaster restoration company will help you:

  • Understand what threats your business faces
  • Expedite the entire restoration process
  • Limit the amount of time your doors are closed
  • Create a plan for employees and managers to follow
  • Prevent unsafe conditions for your employees and customers
  • Minimize the financial and physical loss your business suffers

Rapid response after a disaster is crucial for your business’s future. Thankfully, once you have a proper plan in place, you’ll have a dedicated partner for your disaster restoration: ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Green Island. Our team is available 24/7, 356 days, at a moment’s notice to restore your property if and whenever disaster strikes.

ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Green Island Wants to Prepare Your Business for Disaster

We have decades of experience helping Troy businesses get back on their feet after disasters, so you can be confident that we know what we're doing. We will help you plan for the future and ensure your business is prepared for anything.

Business owners trust us with their pre-loss planning and restoration because we’re:

  • Locally owned and operated, right here in Upstate New York
  • Backed by a nationally trusted restoration company with 65+ years of experience
  • Committed to helping you and your staff get and feel prepared for disaster
  • Known for being clear, communicative, and knowledgeable professionals

Don’t let a disaster get the best of you. Turn to ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Green Island to learn more about pre-loss planning and get started on your business’s continuity plan in Troy today. Your employees, customers, and future self will thank you!

Give us a call at (888) 678-7983 orcontact us onlineto request your pre-loss planning services today and see all ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Green Island can help with.

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