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Commercial Fire & Smoke Damage in Troy, NY

Commercial REstoration Services for Smoke, Soot & Fire Damage

It’s every commercial property owner’s worst nightmare: seeing their building get torn apart by a fire. Fire is catastrophic in and of itself, but firefighting efforts can also leave a commercial building severely damaged and in need of restoration. At ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Green Island, we are here to provide the commercial fire and smoke damage repairs it will take to restore your property to its former condition – and even better.

As a commercial restoration company in Troy, New York, we know how important it is for your business to be back up and running as quickly as possible. Our smoke and fire damage restoration services will be performed in a timely manner and with as little disruption to your company as possible. Because we have extensive experience in this field and use the best supplies and restoration methods, you can rest assured that we’ll get the job done right.

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How Fire Affects Commercial Properties

The intense heat and flames of a fire at a commercial property can cause structural damage and can literally melt parts of a building and destroy everything inside: flooring, furniture, equipment, supplies, and more. Ash and soot will settle on every surface and can cause corrosion if left untreated. Smoke can spread in a matter of minutes, discoloring and damaging everything in its wake. Smoke even causes etching in glass and can tarnish metal. The smell will linger. While they’re necessary to stop the fire from spreading and to eliminate it entirely, sprinkler systems and firefighting efforts can also cause harm as well.

Fortunately, our team offers restoration and clean-up services for:

  • Heat damage
  • Structural damage
  • Damage caused by soot and ash
  • Smoke damage
  • Water damage

Our Restoration Process for Commercial Fire & Smoke Damage

Fire, smoke, soot, and water cause the type of damage that only restoration professionals can correct. That’s where ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Green Island comes in.

Our commercial fire and smoke damage restoration services in Troy include:

  • Evaluating the structural integrity of the building
  • Evaluating and remediating any water damage caused by firefighting efforts
  • Evaluating and repairing damage to floors, walls, and other surfaces
  • Removing, storing, cleaning, and salvaging the contents of the building
  • Cleaning and deodorizing every surface affected by smoke and ash
  • Returning the contents of the building to their original locations

Restoring your commercial property after a fire means assessing and repairing the damage, removing and sealing off all surfaces affected by smoke and soot, and deodorizing. When we’re done, it will be like nothing happened. That’s a successful remediation job.

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The last thing you should worry about – or attempt – is cleaning up your property on your own after a fire. As a matter of fact, the residue a fire leaves behind can present serious health hazards if it is not handled the right way. Our Troy commercial fire damage restoration professionals have the tools, training, and equipment to handle these complex and potentially hazardous tasks. We welcome your call any time, day or night, to learn more about our services and the ways we can help you restore your business to its pre-loss condition.

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