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Grand Rapids Commercial Water Damage Service

Grand Rapids, MI, is known for its diverse climate, which can bring about unpredictable weather conditions throughout the year. The area is susceptible to water damage incidents that can adversely affect local businesses, from heavy rainstorms in the spring to freezing temperatures and snow in the winter. Burst pipes, appliance leaks, and roof damage are common issues faced by businesses in the region.

As a city that experiences frequent storms, Grand Rapids sees its fair share of storm damage, with trees and buildings often bearing the brunt of these weather occurrences. Numerous properties in our community face a high risk of severe flood impact over the next 30 years.

ServiceMaster Grand Rapids specializes in commercial water damage restoration, offering assistance to local businesses in their recovery efforts after destructive natural and unnatural disasters. When you reach out to our team, we conduct a thorough assessment of your property, locate the source of water intrusion, evaluate the extent of the damage, and create a comprehensive repair plan. Our dedicated team ensures minimal disruption to your business operations while prioritizing prompt and efficient restoration.

Let Us Tackle Water-Related Damage at Your Local Business

Our experienced professionals perform meticulous inspections when dealing with standing water in your commercial space. We assess critical commercial systems, implement effective dehumidification techniques, and promptly repair the damage within your budget.

We provide assistance in recovering from various types of water-related incidents, including:

  • Contaminated water and sewage backups
  • Roof leaks and failures
  • Rising water
  • Appliance hose ruptures and leaks

As a locally owned business, we understand the unique challenges businesses face dealing with water damage while striving to maintain normal operations. Count on our skilled team to address these challenges promptly and effectively. Because time is of the essence, our team is available 24 hours a day to assist you and ensure a swift return to a functional workspace.

Contact us at (616) 303-7663 to receive exceptional commercial restoration services for your Grand Rapids business.