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Commercial Packout & Content Management Services in Visalia

Once the fire is out or the excess water is extracted, the immediate danger is over. However, your valuable business contents—electronics, files, and other important items—are still at risk of further damage and need to be moved as quickly as possible. At ServiceMaster by Benevento, we understand how important your possessions are to your business. As experts in handling, cleaning and storing, our packout crews undergo extensive hours of packing and inventory training to ensure the best results during a water damage emergency or some other disaster.

Our Packout and Content Restoration Process Includes:

  • Inventory, packing and transport of your belongings to a climate controlled warehouse
  • A printed copy of inventory items
  • Restoration, cleaning & deodorization of your items
  • Tracking & documentation of your contents throughout the restoration process
  • Easy access to items when needed
  • Returning of items to your business

We use a proven, automated process for inventorying, packing and safely transporting your contents and furniture to a safe, climate-controlled location. To ensure accuracy, automated inventory process records each item and tracks the status from removal to restoration. All items are cleaned, deodorized and restored, as needed, by our trained technicians.

Maximize Efficiency with Commercial Packout & Content Management Services

When disaster strikes your commercial property, such as a fire or flood, it's crucial to act quickly to minimize damage and restore normal operations. Our team at ServiceMaster by Benevento (Visalia) offers professional commercial packout and content management services to help you efficiently and effectively handle the restoration process.

Our experienced technicians will carefully pack and inventory all salvageable items from your property, ensuring they are safely transported to our secure facility for cleaning, restoration, and storage. With our detailed content management system, you can easily track the status of your belongings throughout the restoration process.

Benefits of our commercial packout & content management services include:

  • Rapid response to minimize downtime
  • Professional packing and inventory services
  • Secure storage in our climate-controlled facility
  • Thorough cleaning and restoration of items
  • Peace of mind knowing your belongings are in good hands

Call us today for your commercial packout & content management needs (559) 314-6364