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Back to School #TipTuesday

Summer is over and the kids are back in school! This means an increased use of laptop, notebooks and papers.

It’s easy to leave laptops on and running to pick up when where you left off but this can be very dangerous for your home, dorm room or office.

Laptops have a vent that circulates air to keep the device from overheating. When these devices are left charging or plugged in for a long period of time, the fans work overtime to keep cool. If these vents are blocked under blankets or covered by flammable material, there is a chance the battery will get too hot and ignite what’s around them.

In 2013, a student at a local college left a laptop charging on their bed which sparked and caused a fire in a residence hall. The fire alarm went off triggering the sprinkler system and evacuating all residents. Rooms were damaged by soot and water, leaving an uninhabitable living space.

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To avoid fires, know how to safely use and store your devices.

– Always turn them off and unplug them before leaving, never leave them charging for long periods of time.

– Store them in a safe, cool area, away from flammables.

– Never keep a laptop computer wrapped in blankets or on fabrics.

This has been the first installation of #TipTuesday. Stay tuned for more Pro Tips from the professionals at ServiceMaster by Gilmore. Have a safe school year!