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A fire can cause extensive damage to a home, including structural damage to the walls and roof, smoke and soot damage throughout the house, water and flood damage from firefighting efforts as well as electrical system damages. In addition to physical destruction of property, fires can also lead to emotional turmoil for those affected by them. For these reasons it is important that homeowners hire a professional fire restoration company who have experience in restoring homes after fires.

The Do’s and Don’ts After a Fire Event


  • Listen carefully to firefighters about what to do to next
  • Contact your insurance company as soon as possible, to show initiative
  • Take photos of the damage to share with your insurance company
  • Discard all food and drinks that’s been affected by smoke or high heat


  • Attempt to re-enter the property before you’re cleared to do so
  • Turn on any electrical appliances
  • Turn your water, electric or gas back on until your utility provider says it’s okay
  • Try to wash or wipe materials that’s been affected by ash and soot - this can cause compacting of particles making it harder to clean

Why Hire a Professional Fire Damage Restoration Company?

Fire restoration companies are equipped with specialized cleaning products that remove ash and soot, along with powerful ozone machines which remove odors caused by smoke or chemicals used during extinguishing efforts; furthermore their expertise helps identify hidden problems like mold growth due to high humidity levels left behind after floods resulting from fighting the blaze.

Hiring an experienced fire restoration company will ensure your home is restored safely back into livable condition while providing peace of mind knowing all possible issues related to your property have been addressed properly.