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Commercial Restoration

What is Commercial Restoration?

In the world of commercial disaster recovery, restoration can be defined as all of the actions taken to return something (in this case commercial property) to a previous condition. The scale of these actions can vary drastically, depending on the amount of damage present.

This work could range from fixing a leaky pipe, or as comprehensive as the ongoing reconstruction of the Notre Dame cathedral after it almost fully burned to the ground. Each of these projects require unique expertise and proper methodology to ensure the best result. However, regardless of size, there is always one uncertainty that rises above the rest:

How quickly can we return back to normal?

Commercial Restoration Services at ServiceMaster by Singer

Getting your organization up and running is our top priority. With the help of industry-leading technology and expertise, our team of professionals will rapidly restore your commercial property into its pre-loss condition. We have the tools and experience to get you back to work promptly.

We get the job done properly, so you can be confident the work will be completed correctly in a timely manner. In order to notice the real underlying problems, you’ll need a trained eye. We’ve perfected a process for quickly identifying underlying damage, determining the restoration services needed, and minimizing trouble and inconvenience on your end. When disaster strikes, every minute counts. That’s why ServiceMaster By Singer is here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

If you have experienced a disaster and have sustained property damage, we’re here to help. Your property being damaged is stressful enough. Let us take it from here:

Call now for emergency services: (410) 346-9336

When our work is finished, you’ll realize you’ve found a dependable and trustworthy partner for commercial restoration services for life. We’re one call away, why not reach out today?

Find Out More About Our Proprietary Disaster Preparation Program

To be able to effectively implement a customizable comprehensive disaster solution for you and your organization, we need to work together to plan for the possibility of future water damage.

This would include onboarding your company’s unique needs and property specifications.

There are many important questions to consider prior to the event of water damage:

  • What do your insurance policies (there may be multiple relevant policies) cover?
  • What is your deductible on each policy? Will you be paying out pocket?
  • Where can our team park to minimize business operations?
  • Do you want trucks with our company name and logo showing up at your property?
  • What structures, systems, and materials are we allowed (and not allowed) to work on?
  • Who should we first talk to upon arrival at your facilities or building (this may vary depending on the time)?
  • What authority does this person have to make financial decisions for the company?
  • and many more…

lease reach out to us prior to a loss, or needing our restoration services, so that we can help prepare you for a catastrophic event and save you money when it does happen. Find out more about our proprietary Disaster Preparation Program to see how you and your organization can minimize a future loss’s impact on your operation.