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Water Damage Restoration

Commercial Water Damage

Water damage can ruin commercial properties and businesses and other issues that come along with the disaster. ServiceMaster by Singer will immediately tend to these issues and perform water damage removal, restoration, and clean up services properly.

Storms, leaking pipes, and other unwanted situations can cause property water damage. ServiceMaster by Singer offers a 24/7 emergency response service available for your water damage restoration needs. The damage is frustrating and demanding, so contact our Water Damage Restoration Specialists immediately to begin an action plan. We will do whatever is necessary to get your water-damaged commercial property back to its pre-loss condition, and to get your company back to an operational level. Because of our decades of experience in this industry, we know what to look out for to save you time and money in the long run. Effective communication in water damage commercial restoration is essential to getting your organization back to work as fast as possible while maintaining a high level of quality. We can act as a liaison for you between the water and all relevant stakeholders.

Commercial Water Damage Removal, Restoration & Clean Up: Full Services

Our Commercial Water Damage Removal, Restoration & Clean Up Process

  1. Analysis, inspection, and assessment
  2. Safety concerns for crew and customers
  3. Environmental concerns dealing with building materials or contents
  4. Documentation (this continues throughout)
  5. Content management
  6. Extraction, water removal
  7. Preparation for demolition (if needed)
  8. Demolition (if needed)
  9. Commercial Cleaning
  10. Anti-microbial application
  11. Drying system: air movement, dehumidifiers, and specialty drying equipment if necessary
  12. Monitoring process: usually daily to determine if the drying process is effective
  13. Achieve drying goals of building materials and contents

**Please understand that not all water assignments follow the same format each time.

Contact Our Experts For Commercial Water Damage Removal, Restoration & Clean Up Services

Contact us immediately or call 1-855-574-6437 for commercial water damage removal, restoration, and clean up full services. We are ready to help you recover your commercial property or business from any water damages you may have. Our Water Damage Restoration Specialists want to help you get through this tough time, and they are certified and trained to do so professionally, safely, and quickly. Beyond any physical work that is necessary, we can also help with insurance carriers, insurance policies (including the building owner’s master policy and tenant policies like Betterments and Improvements Insurance, Contents Liability Insurance, etc.), or any other complications resulting from your loss.

Find Out More About Our Proprietary Disaster Preparation Program

To be able to effectively implement a customizable comprehensive disaster solution for you and your organization, we need to work together to plan for the possibility of future water damage.

This would include onboarding your company’s unique needs and property specifications.

There are many important questions to consider prior to the event of water damage:

  • What do your insurance policies (there may be multiple relevant policies) cover?
  • What is your deductible on each policy? Will you be paying out pocket?
  • Where can our team park to minimize business operations?
  • Do you want trucks with our company name and logo showing up at your property?
  • What structures, systems, and materials are we allowed (and not allowed) to work on?
  • Who should we first talk to upon arrival at your facilities or building (this may vary depending on the time)?
  • What authority does this person have to make financial decisions for the company?
  • and many more…

Please reach out to us prior to a loss, or needing our restoration services, so that we can help prepare you for a catastrophic event and save you money when it does happen. Find out more about our proprietary Disaster Preparation Program to see how you and your organization can minimize a future loss’s impact on your operation.