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Graffiti Removal & Clean Up

Removing Graffiti From All Surfaces and Locations

Does your home or business have graffiti painted on that you need removed? ServiceMaster by Singer is happy to help solve the rampant issue of unwanted graffiti in the area. We offer graffiti removal from all types of surfaces including:

  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • PVC
  • Stone
  • Wood

Vandalism can have multiple negative effects on your business. Aside from damaging the look of your home or building you have invested in, vandalism, and crime scenes also lower perception of your home, or business.

Call us at (410) 346-9336 for an estimate. We look forward to helping you fully restore the condition of your property from before the incident.

Professional graffiti removal by worker, sandblasting a brick wall

Industries Served

A few examples where our locations are used include:

  • Business offices
  • Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Retail centers
  • Schools
  • and more!

Our Process

There are a few different methods for cleaning graffiti that may be used, depending on the surface and products used:

  • Sandblasting

  • Pressure washing

  • A brush and solvents

Removal time is highly dependent on the type of surface, the extent of the damage, and the type of paint or ink used.

Tips Before Service

There are a couple of things you can do in order to make the cleanup process go as smoothly as possible.

  1. If applicable, to gather any abandoned containers of the paint, ink, cosmetics, or whatever was used to vandalized your property. Knowing the ingredients can help our cleanup crew remove the graffiti faster.

  2. Don’t attempt to remove anything on your own. At best, you’ve spent time you’re not getting back. At worst, you can actually make the paint or other substance more difficult to remove by driving it in deeper. Even pressure washing can cause damage on the wrong surface.

Graffiti gets harder to remove the longer it sits; therefore, you risk permanent stains on your building.

Contact us today or call (410) 346-9336 to request graffiti removal service.