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Akron Mold Removal & Inspection

Professional mold remediation near you

Given the right conditions, mold can thrive just about anywhere, particularly in dark, damp places. High humidity is what mold likes best, and mold often sprouts from things such as leaky pipes to recent floods. If you find mold at your home, you don’t have to take an online crash course in how to remediate it on your own, though, and we don’t recommend it, either.

Mold is a serious health hazard and you should leave mold removal to the professionals. ServiceMaster CDR - Akron is a residential mold remediation company in Akron that can assist you with thorough, exceptional mold removal services to get your home back to its pre-loss state.

Do you suspect that you may have a mold problem? Call us at(330) 624-9657 orcontact us online to schedule a mold inspection near you.

Our Akron mold removal experts can help you with the following:

  • 24/7 emergency mold removal services in Akron, Ohio
  • Rapid dispatch to your property in as little as a couple of hours
  • Thorough, detailed, and permanent mold removal
  • Local expertise and resource to make your home feel as good as new
  • Deodorization and dehumidification services

What Is The Difference Between Mold Removal & Mold Remediation?

Mold removal focuses solely on eliminating the existing colony, whereas remediation goes a step beyond that by proactively preventing any future recurrence to protect both health and property.

This can involve drying and disinfecting the area, filtration of contaminated air through air scrubbers, and repairing areas affected by the initial mold growth, such as saturated drywall or insulation that needs to be replaced.

Knowing the differences between mold removal and mold remediation will help determine the best course of action for restoring your property to a safe and healthy condition.

Call(330) 624-9657 orcontact us online to schedule professional mold remediation services in Akron.

Mold Cleanup to Protect Your Home & Health from a Mold Infestation

Mold is a horrible contaminant. While you may think a fire or flood would be the worst thing that could happen to your home, don’t discount the health hazard that is mold. The worst part? It’s not always easy to spot, and it will lurk beneath the surface and wreak havoc on your home. Left untreated, it will even put the very structure of your home at risk.

But don’t be alarmed, because ServiceMaster CDR - Akron has a team of Akron mold removal experts ready to dispatch a team to your property to detect any mold in your home and then use specialized chemicals to remove and remediate it quickly. It doesn’t belong in your home, and we have the tools and techniques to get rid of it for good.

Enjoy your home again by calling us for mold elimination services - call(330) 624-9657 orcontact us online!

mold remediation expert removing mold from walls and vents

When is mold remediation necessary?

Mold remediation is an important part of maintaining a healthy home environment. Mold can cause serious health issues, and it can also damage the structure of your home if left unchecked.

moldy ceiling requiring mold remediation services

The most common indicator that you need mold remediation in your home is visible growth on walls or other surfaces. If you notice any discoloration, or musty odors coming from certain areas, this could also be an indication that there may be a problem with mold growth in those areas as well. Additionally, if anyone living in the house experiences frequent allergies or respiratory problems without another explanation for them then this could indicate hidden mold which needs to be removed by professionals immediately before further health risks are posed to residents of the household.