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Water Damage Cleaning Services

Whether it is your office facility or home that sustains heavy water damages, it is imperative to act quickly and efficiently. Water has the ability to completely destroy possessions and a building’s infrastructure if the water damages are not mitigated. By contacting a professional damage restoration service provider, you’ll be saving yourself both time and money in preventing further damages to your property and possessions.

As water sits on carpet or floors, it causes a handful of problems such as excess moisture, bacteria growth, mold, and more. Wood is especially vulnerable to the effects of flooding and water damage. For instance, wood will absorb the water, become swollen and deform. Understanding the threats that water imposes onto wood items is crucial, as it can help save the investment you’ve made into installing hardwood flooring and your wooden décor items.

Water can damage more than your home’s structure and contents. If it persists it can even cause mold to develop. For any situation that involves water damage, it’s important to respond quickly. That’s why at ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration by NEK, we offer 24-hour emergency services in order to respond to your needs during any time of the day. The certified experts at ServiceMaster Clean use advanced equipment to dry and extract water from your home or building. With the use of specialized moisture detecting equipment, you can rest assured that all of the water will be eliminated from the premises.

  • Will opening windows help the water damage dry?

It is not advisable to leave windows open during the drying process since outdoor humidity can change suddenly, adversely affecting the drying progress.

  • There is an odor, does that mean I have mold?

Not necessarily. Odors can be caused by elevated humidity. As the water damage dries the odor should subside.

  • Can you clean things affected by sewage?

Hard surfaces can be cleaned and sanitized. However, porous materials such as drywall and insulation should be removed. We recommend that contents, such as pillows, stuffed animals and toys also be disposed of. If your loss is covered by insurance, it is advisable to talk to your insurance company before you throw anything away as they may require photos and/or other documentation.