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Mold Damage Repair

There are many types of mold, which can create health problems and structural hazards for those living in the environment. Mold can grow on structural materials, furniture, and even clothes. It is dangerous and certain types can even be fatal to some people if not treated. Not only do you need to clean up the existing mold, the source of the mold must be stopped to keep future growth from occurring.

The certified experts at ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration by NEK are experienced in removing mold damage safely so as to not spread the mold to unaffected areas of your structure. They use only the best equipment and products to remediate the mold damage.

  • I have asthma if I find mold in my house, should I move out?

You will need to consult your doctor. Some strains of mold can cause a problem for those with asthma but your doctor is qualified to advise you in this matter.

  • Does bleach kill mold?

No. Bleach does not kill mold. And if the mold is not properly remediated it will grow back.

  • What is an environmental consultant? And why do you work with them?

Environmental consultants test the air quality of a structure and take samples. These are sent to a lab to be analyzed. This tells them how many mold spores are present and of what strains. Armed with this information the Environmental Consultant writes guidelines for properly cleaning the mold damage. We at ServiceMaster utilize this protocol to clean your home. The Environmental consultant then tests the air quality again once the work is completed.