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Tips To Consider When Choosing A Restoration Company

When disaster strikes, lives are disrupted and routine turns into chaos. No one plans for disaster. Well, almost no one. At ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning it’s our job to plan for disasters. Choosing the right disaster restoration company is a crucial decision for homeowners facing water, fire, mold, or other catastrophic damage to their property. The restoration process can be complex, and the company you choose will directly impact the speed and quality of your property's recovery. Here are several key factors homeowners should consider when selecting a disaster restoration company:

Rapid Response Time

Disasters require immediate attention to minimize further damage. Look for a restoration company that offers 24/7 emergency services and can arrive on-site quickly, ideally within a few hours of your call. 

Professional Expertise

A reputable restoration company should have a team of trained and certified professionals who are experienced in handling various types of disaster restoration. Check for certifications from relevant industry organizations, such as the IICRC, and ask about the training their staff receives.

Comprehensive Services

Disasters often entail multiple types of damage, such as water damage leading to mold growth. Choose a company that offers a wide range of restoration services to address all aspects of your property's recovery.

Proper Equipment

Effective restoration requires specialized equipment for tasks like water extraction, drying, dehumidification, and more. Ensure the company you choose has state-of-the-art equipment to handle your specific restoration needs. Additionally, make sure they are using the latest technology.

Licensed and Insured

Is the restoration company licensed and do they carry appropriate insurance? This protects you from liability in case of any accidents or further damage that might occur during the restoration process.

Positive Reputation

Research the company's reputation through online reviews, testimonials, and references from previous clients. A company with consistently positive feedback is more likely to provide reliable and satisfactory services.

Local Presence and Experience 

Choosing a restoration company with a local presence offers several benefits. They can respond faster to emergencies and have a better understanding of local building codes, regulations, and potential hazards. A restoration company that has been operating in your area for a while will likely have a better understanding of the local climate, common types of disasters, and potential challenges specific to your region. Bonus points if the company has the support of a national brand, allowing it to pull additional resources from across the country in the event of a regional catastrophic event. 

Strong Communication

Open and transparent communication is crucial throughout the restoration process. A good company should keep you informed about the progress of the work, any challenges encountered, and changes to the scope of the project. 

Environmental Considerations

Disasters can sometimes involve removing materials that contain hazardous materials, like asbestos or lead. Ensure that the restoration company follows proper legal protocols for handling these materials safely and responsibly.

Ability to Work with Insurance

If you're filing an insurance claim, find a restoration company that has experience working with insurance companies. They can help streamline the claims process and ensure all necessary documentation is provided.

Customer Service

Choose a company that prioritizes customer service and is committed to addressing your concerns promptly. A friendly and knowledgeable customer support team can make a stressful situation more manageable.

By considering these factors and conducting thorough research, homeowners can make an informed decision when selecting a disaster restoration company. Taking the time to choose a reputable and reliable company will ultimately contribute to a smoother, more effective restoration process and the successful recovery of your property.