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A Successful Water Damage Restoration in Southborough, MA

At ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning, we understand that disasters can strike at any moment, leaving homeowners overwhelmed and distressed. Recently, we were called to action when a water heater let go, flooding the basement of a Southborough, MA home. Our water damage mitigation team swiftly responded to the emergency, providing efficient and comprehensive restoration services.

Immediate Response

Time is of the essence in water damage situations, and our team at ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning recognizes the urgency. We were onsite within a half hour, ready to tackle the challenge at hand. With six inches of standing water in the basement, our dedicated experts quickly initiated the emergency mitigation process.

The Water Damage Impact

The water damage not only affected the structure of the home but also reached the unfinished basement, doubling as storage for the homeowner. This led to significant damage to personal belongings and valuable items stored in the basement.

water extraction

Water Damage Mitigation

The water damage restoration services included extracting the standing water, cleaning, and sanitizing the affected areas. To ensure a complete recovery, we deployed professional drying equipment, addressing both visible and hidden moisture within the premises.


Contents Cleaning 

Understanding the emotional attachment to personal belongings, our technicians took extra care during the restoration process. Saturated cardboard boxes were meticulously sorted through, and the contents were re-boxed into dry containers. Additionally, furniture was elevated on blocks to facilitate proper drying of the floor and prevent further damage.

ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning takes pride in our ability to respond swiftly and efficiently to water damage emergencies, providing comprehensive restoration services to restore peace to homeowners' lives. In Southborough, MA, our team's dedication and expertise ensured not only the removal of standing water but also the meticulous care of personal belongings. When disaster strikes, trust ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning to bring your home back to its pre-loss condition.