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Finding Reliable Post Construction Cleaning Services for Commercial Buildings

The construction site is a chaotic scene of haphazard wooden structural pieces, paint splatters, glass shards, scattered nails and sawdust. Nearly every inch of the commercial space is littered with debris. The jumble of dust and debris even makes its way into the surrounding outdoor area. The commercial building will open or reopen for business, just as soon as the post construction area is sparkling clean.

The property manager or contractor is likely scratching his head, attempting to solve the puzzle of how to clean up the construction site in a jiffy. The original contractor frequently lacks the time and labor to bring the revamped or newly constructed site to a desirable, spotless state.

Post construction cleaning services are the answer. Not just any post construction cleaning company will do. Some post construction cleaning professionals work strictly on cleaning up construction sites; other traditional commercial cleaning companies offer post construction cleanup as a part of several services.

Time and money are of the essence with commercial businesses, especially when the retail store will reopen for business or the office building will welcome customers within the next few days. The advantage of hiring a post construction cleaning service is that the job will be completed in the brief span of two to three days.

Contractors often rely on the invaluable services provided by post construction cleaning professionals. The post construction cleaners ensure the contractors’ exceptional work shines. Finding a reliable post construction cleaning company is key to the commercial building’s smooth transition from construction to reopening (or opening).

Understand Cleaning Services

Comprehensive services are offered by dependable post construction cleaning companies. Common services include the thorough cleaning of the building’s surfaces, sanitizing the kitchens and bathrooms, vacuuming carpets and dusting light fixtures and vents. Floors receive VIP treatment, including scrubbing, waxing and buffing. Windows regain their brilliancy through intensive cleaning.

Rely on Recommendations

Fellow contractors can potentially lead to the hiring of a reliable post construction cleaning service. Recommendations from contractors who have utilized certain cleaning services and were satisfied with the quality of work are highly valuable in hiring dependable cleaning services. Locate at least a handful of post construction cleaning companies and interview them all before making a final selection.

The Better Business Bureau can offer sound details and track records of the companies in consideration. Along with checking records, investigate the background of potential cleaning companies.

Check Credentials

Reputable post construction cleaning professionals are licensed, bonded and insured. Licensure is extremely critical. Most states require the cleaning company to carry a license; and in some states, if the company fails to display a license, heavy fines are imposed.

Being bonded is also a measure of credibility. Should any acts of vandalism occur on the property by cleaning employees, being bonded protects the hiring contractor.

Insurance is also an indicator of reliability. Any workers’ injuries that occur during time on the job are covered.

Obtain a Quote

Reliable post construction cleaning services will offer a quote prior to beginning work. Make sure this quote is in writing and outlines all the work that will be performed. Contract work may require the cleaning management to visit the project site, assess the project and subsequently provide an appropriate quote.

Look for Flexibility

Construction projects are well-known for delays. Reputable post construction cleaning companies will accommodate the changes in schedule, remaining flexible and on top of the progress. In fact, cleaning companies with a solid reputation will work with the contractor weeks in advance of the scheduled project completion. The cleaning company’s team will make efforts to communicate with the project managers or construction site managers to determine what projects are complete and when they can be cleaned.

Estimate Costs

The costs of post construction cleaning depend on several factors: the square feet of the site to be cleaned, the cleaning company of choice, the geographic location and the difficulty of the work involved. Contractors can expect to shell out $0.10 to $0.25 per square foot.

Post construction cleaning companies can easily charge higher rates if intricate architectural elements are involved, extensive cleaning is necessary or workers are required to stay atop ladders for lengthy periods of time. Hard-to-remove paint splatters and similar challenging scenarios may prompt higher cleaning costs.

When a reliable post construction cleaner is needed, you can depend on our professionals at ServiceMaster Kwik Restore. Our technicians are disaster restoration and sanitization specialists that are highly trained and exceptionally skilled in tackling the post construction environment of commercial properties and transforming them into polished sites.

Common services provided by the professionals at ServiceMaster Kwik Restore include a thorough sweep of the site along with the removal of all lumber, dust, debris and hazardous materials. Our technicians carefully tend to paint oversprays, removing them during the cleaning process. Ceilings and walls receive optimal wash treatments. Light fixtures are dusted and windows are shined. Hardwood floors are mopped and carpeting is vacuumed. Dust and debris frequently settle in the building’s HVAC system after construction. Our ServiceMaster Kwik Restore technicians are aware of the hazards triggered by poor indoor air quality, including allergic reactions, breathing problems and high electricity bills, and professionally clean the air ducts post construction.

Along with standard post construction cleaning procedures, the professionals at ServiceMaster Kwik Restore quickly respond to emergency calls. We perform disaster restoration services with speed and professionalism, restoring buildings, affected areas and personal items.

Prior to each job, specialists at ServiceMaster Kwik Restore travel to the site to conduct an initial inspection of the scope of the work involved. Once the commercial cleaning work is complete, we perform a final inspection to ensure the commercial property is fully cleaned and perfectly safe to inhabit.

Our team at ServiceMaster Kwik Restore is available 24 hours a day to respond to emergency calls. ServiceMaster Kwik Restore serves businesses in the Kenosha and Milwaukee communities. Our post construction cleaning services are among the most thorough and reliable in the industry.