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How to Protect Your Home from Mold in the Summer

Especially for areas like the Midwest, the weather can get pretty humid in the summertime. Humidity refers to the level of moisture in the air which can cause a number of problems for homeowners if they aren’t careful. Both health and structural issues will arise from airborne mold spores, costing families more in the long run than if they were to have taken preventative steps.

The best way to prevent mold is to keep moisture levels low within the home. Specific areas to monitor closely include: the bathroom, attic, crawlspace, kitchen and areas near windows and doors.

Here are some more specific ways on how to protect your home from mold in the summer:

  1. Control Humidity

There is more of an incentive to keep air flowing throughout the home than to keep everyone cool. Consider investing in a dehumidifier or two, especially in rooms like the bathroom, basement, or attic.

Be aware that moisture levels rise when cooking, showering, keeping exterior doors and windows open, and running the dishwasher. If you see any condensation building up on the walls or ceiling, wipe them down right away. Keep the air flowing throughout the home by running ceiling and bathroom fans.

  1. Keep the House Clean

When things pile up or become dirty, moisture can accumulate within these areas and attract mold spores. Monitor areas prone to high amounts of dirt, cooking oil and soap scum as they are common places for mold to grow.

Keeping everything clean and tidy will keep mold spores away. Use baking soda, vinegar, bleach and even Dawn soap to keep surfaces free of dust and dirt.

  1. Control the Temperature

Mold loves hot, humid temperatures, which can range anywhere from 77 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. It is certainly common for outside temperatures to reach and even exceed this range, which can heat up the home pretty quickly.

Try to maintain relatively cool temperatures throughout the home by adjusting the thermostat, keeping it in the low 70s to hinder mold growth. Even if you’re not home, the air should still be running at a low setting.

  1. Keep Air Circulating

Mold is attracted to stagnant air, but running fans, dehumidifiers, and the air conditioner will significantly reduce chances for mold to grow. If there are some rooms you usually don’t use, still keep the vents and door open to keep the air dry and moving throughout the home.

  1. Monitor Air Ducts for Condensation

Sometimes when running your air conditioner on high for long periods of time, condensation can build within the air ducts and breed mold. Once it starts growing, mold spores will spread throughout the home and trigger allergies and breathing issues. It is recommended to check your air ducts about once every two weeks for condensation in the summertime.

  1. Remember to Close Windows When It Rains

It’s nice to hear the sound of rain, especially on a hot summer day, but water can build up on the windowsill and increase moisture levels throughout the home. If you notice any wet carpet, set up a few fans to dry out the area right away.

  1. Inspect Your Roof for Leaks

Especially during summers with heavy rainfall, roof leaks are common and often go unnoticed until there’s a mold issue. If there is consistent rain, check your roof every few days for signs of leaks to catch water damage as soon as it happens.

Mold Prevention Tips All Year Round

While mold is most common during the spring and summer, it can grow all year round, especially from pipes, roof leaks and any other source of accumulated moisture. Never forget to take these steps to keep moisture levels low within the home and dry out wet areas as soon as you notice a problem.

  • Repair any leaking appliances and pipes right away.
  • Make sure the vent from your clothes dryer leads outside, not into your crawlspace or attic.
  • Never use carpets in bathrooms. This material is difficult to dry and will quickly breed mold growth when wet. If you use any throw rugs, wash them regularly and hang them up to dry to prevent mold growth.
  • Clean up any spills right away.
  • When showering, turn on the exhaust fan or open a window a few inches to allow the steam to flow out of the room.
  • If you notice any musty smell within the home, you may have a mold problem. The fungus often grows in hidden areas, like under carpeting, flooring and behind walls. If you still can’t find the issue, work with a certified mold inspection company to find the affected area.

Dangerous Effects of Mold

Despite efforts to keep moisture levels low and things clean within the home, there’s no guarantee it won’t grow. If you notice any amount of mold in your home, it must be removed promptly as it will spread to other areas, consuming the building structure.

When mold releases its spores into breathing air, they can trigger a number of allergies and breathing issues, like sneezing, itchy eyes and throat, headaches, coughing and much more. Long-term effects can even include respiratory infections.

This is why mold must be removed as soon as it is found; however, home remedies are often not effective when removing it at the source. Professional products and equipment are usually needed to guarantee it won’t come back in the future.

Mold Remediation

For homeowners living in Cary, IL and the surrounding areas, ServiceMaster Kwik Restore is available to provide mold removal services. Our technicians are IICRC-certified, trained, experienced and use advanced equipment and products to remove mold at the source.

Our mold removal services include each of the following steps:

  • Setting up a containment chamber to prevent the mold from spreading
  • Using professional products and equipment to remove mold at the source
  • Removal of soiled materials
  • Conduct water damage restoration, if needed, to dry out the remaining building materials
  • Install replacement building materials if needed
  • Work with your insurance agency during the claims process

Get a Free Estimate

ServiceMaster Kwik Restore is available at 847-908-5914 to provide professional mold removal services and free estimates for homes of all sizes. Give us a call to schedule your appointment today.