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What happens on the Repair Side?

Before work can start on the Repair side:

1.) The estimator needs to have an approved scope with the adjuster and/or owner.

2.) ServiceMaster will need to collect 90% upfront in most cases. If you have a property mortgage it is common for the insurance provider to have the mortgage company on the check, therefore, you will need to notify your mortgage company immediately that you have an insurance claim on the property. Please obtain their contact information, loan number, and protocol regarding the endorsement process, as they will need to sign the insurance check so funds can be released. We can FedEx and help get all paperwork needed to your mortgage.  We will help you with this process, but you need to call them initially. 

  • When the check is received from the insurance provider please inform ServiceMaster that payment has been received. ServiceMaster may require the customer to endorse the check and give the check to ServiceMaster at that time.
  • The customer will retain their deductible and/or the 10% remainder until the final walk-through, and will then be due after a signed certificate of satisfaction. ServiceMaster warranty’s all work.
  • The construction manager will meet with you at your property as necessary and verify the scope of work and then schedule the work. In some cases, he/she may not need to visit the property and can schedule over the phone.

Things that can cause delays and/or additional expenses:   

1.) Typically specialty, special order, or back-ordered selections (flooring, windows, doors, cabinets, & countertops) can take up to 5-8 weeks to arrive- choose in stock!

2.) Depending on scheduling of specialty trades can cause delays, plumbing, electrical, flooring, etc.

3.) If the owner decides to do remodeling outside the scope of work (or existing damaged areas),

  • $150 Change orders will be implemented with any changes outside the initial “extras” scope these changes can also cause delays

4.) Municipality of Anchorage Inspections and permitting process, if applicable.

5.) Unforeseen items: opening up walls and finding electrical or plumbing issues, may delay this. Weather-related work, i.e. if it’s raining and we have to paint outside, this will cause a delay.

Common Questions:

1.) Can you work after hours and/or on the weekend?

    • Typically, we cannot do this as the insurance company will not pay for overtime. If there is a special situation, we will do our best to work with your insurance company and/or owners on approval and authorization.

2.) Will you be able to complete my job right after mitigation and how long will this take?

    • We do our best once the first 3 items above are met. We also give updates throughout the job to keep the homeowner informed; especially if there will be a delay.

For more details and breakout check out our ENTIRE PROCESS broken out from mitigation to repairs.

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