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Tips to Keep Your Home Protected from Holiday Season Fire Hazards

Fire Prevention Tips for the Holidays

For countless homeowners across the country, the holiday season means redecorating the entire home – both inside and outside. Nothing delivers warmth like the glow of Christmas tree lights and radiant decorations. Unfortunately, these decorations can be serious fire hazards.

At ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs, we specialize in restoring commercial and residential properties affected by all sorts of disasters. This includes rebuilding and salvaging property impacted by fire and smoke damage. As a result, we’ve witnessed firsthand the dangers and downsides of seasonal fire hazards.

Today, we’re going to outline the fire risks associated with setting up a Christmas tree and Christmas lights. We want nothing more than to help our community enjoy a safe and fire-free holiday season. Nevertheless, if an emergency does occur and restoration services are in need, don’t hesitate to call our accommodating team. We’ll rush over to help without delay!

Invest in Safer, Energy-Efficient LED Lighting

LED lights can do much more than save you money on your monthly electricity bills. They are also cooler than their incandescent predecessors. The cool quality of LED Christmas tree lights reduces fire hazards significantly. Thus, it might be wise to discard older Christmas lights for modern versions with higher safety standards. Updating your Christmas lights will also ensure you’re not at risk of fire hazards resulting from compromised or deteriorating components.

Old Christmas lights can be vulnerable to:

  • Frayed cords
  • Loose wires
  • Empty sockets
  • Broken bulbs

A quick and affordable upgrade is often a wise decision. When buying lights, don’t forget to ensure they are certified by Underwriters Laboratories. The UL Safety Certification on Christmas lights is the industry standard, offering reassurance that your Christmas lights will be safe from fire hazards.

Inspect & Secure Light Strands

Another helpful tip is to avoid using too many Christmas light strands on one tree. An excess of light strands can burden your electrical outlet and socket, causing it to short, blackout, surge, and increase the likelihood of sparking a fire. Too many strands can also create an unsafe amount of heat on the tree.

It is important to secure light strands effectively in addition to reducing the number of strands on the tree altogether. By securing light strands together or to the ground with electrical tape, you can mitigate the risk of electrical fires and accidents caused by tripping over the loose wires.

Always be sure to purchase the right kind of Christmas light products in the first place. There are multiple kinds of lights designed specifically for indoor or outdoor use. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines and read the directions carefully. Outdoor Christmas lights are not suitable for indoor environments for a reason. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring such details.

Daily Tasks to Increase Christmas Light Safety

A dry Christmas tree will always be more susceptible to fire hazards than a moist one. To combat the dangers associated with dry pine trees, make sure you replenish the tree all season long with the correct amount of water. A hydrated tree will also look and smell healthier.

It’s always smart to turn off Christmas tree lights before leaving home or going to bed at night. Don’t hesitate to turn off the lights even if you’re just running to pick up a pizza. Fires can transpire and spread in a matter of seconds. Thus, you don’t want to make the mistake of leaving your Christmas tree lit and unattended.

Finally, it’s important to store Christmas lights safely during the off-season. Packing carefully and storing your decorations in a secure location will help you avoid broken bulbs, frayed wires, and other issues. The last thing you want is for a pest to ruin your entire strand of lights by chewing through the wiring. Storing your lights will help keep your decorations in top condition longer.

The ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs Difference

Fire accidents happen across North America every holiday season. Don’t let your home be the next victim. Avoid unnecessary risks by safely and responsibly monitoring your Christmas decorations and lighting. Be sure to keep the tree well-watered, far away from fireplaces/hot appliances, and powered by secure electrical outlets. Invest in LED lighting, pack up your decorations securely, and fasten loose or stray wires before accidents happen. These simple tips might sound like a hassle, but they can save you from dealing with nightmarish fire damage.

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