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Residential Fire Damage Restoration Services

Trusted fire restoration company in Colorado Springs

Experiencing fire-related incidents is traumatic enough on its own. But the stress increases twofold when you have to clean up and restore the affected site to make it sound as new.

At ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs, we understand how daunting this procedure can be, especially when you are coping with the consequences of a disturbing event. Keeping this in mind, our highly qualified and certified technicians offer targeted, comprehensive, and affordable fire restoration services in Colorado Springs to residential and commercial property owners alike.

If you are looking for reliable fire and smoke restoration service near you, call our team today at(719) 356-3189. You can alsoreach out to us online.

Why Choose ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs

Established several decades ago, ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs has become a sought-after provider of 24/7 fire restoration solutions in our service area. All of our fire restoration technicians hold certifications from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), ensuring that we adhere to international standards of mitigating and restoring fire damage.

Our team’s extensive experience, specialized skill set, and customer experience commitment can bring peace of mind. We can restore your property to its former state. With our urgent deployment and timely action, your essential fire restoration services are just a call away.

Our Restoration Process

When it comes to fire restoration, the task is not limited to tending to a few walls or installing a new floor. A fire site often holds destroyed furniture, broken fixtures, debris, soot, and smoke stains. But the damage is not contained in those aspects either. Since firefighters often help in putting out most fires, the leftover water and resulting puddles also make up for a large part of the scene.

If the fire affects your plumbing, you may also have to endure extensive damage. The lingering smell of fire and smoke can also be off-putting for anyone who visits your property afterward. Even that’s not all. This kind of damage can easily extend to your electrical fixtures, causing functional and safety problems.

This makes it incredibly difficult to clean up a fire site, let alone restore it. But if you have the right people by your side, it can make the situation easier to manage for yourself as well as your family or employees. Due to our extensive experience in handling fire site restoration, ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs solutions cover all of these aspects to worry off your shoulders and offer reliable fire restoration services in Colorado Springs.

Our professional fire restoration services will get your home back to its best pre-loss condition. Get started today by calling (719) 356-3189 or contact us online!

Types of Fire Restoration Services We Offer

Understanding that fire damage restoration is not just about cleaning soot and smoke, our technicians provide you with a holistic solution that takes all related damage and its effects into account. This gives us the ability to detect, identify, and repair all broken infrastructure that is often left after a fire.

As a result, our team’s detailed training and adherence to exhaustive standard operating processes (SOPs) make sure that we clean the affected site and restore it to the fullest extent.

Our breadth of services includes but is not limited to:

  • Urgent inspection and assessment. Our process begins by performing a thorough examination of your property. Once we have formed out a plan, we move forward with the cleanup and restoration services.
  • Emergency mitigation services. To control the damage and its ongoing effects, we perform immediate mitigation services such as cutting off the water supply to broken pipes and covering damaged ceilings with tarps. This ensures that the fire damage effects don’t grow further as we prepare for our restoration activities.
  • Cleanup solutions. Once we have performed the required mitigation, we move forward with the related cleanup services. This includes but is not limited to stain removal, smoke particle removal, and water removal activities. During this process, we use industrial-grade equipment and products to ensure maximum efficacy while also being mindful of their environmental impact.
  • Restoration activities. After your site is clear of any unnecessary elements, we start with our targeted restoration activities. This phase is the most extensive and detailed part of the process, but it ensures that your property gets restored to its former state and doesn’t show signs of damage.

To see how these processes come into play in a typical fire restoration job, here’s an overview of some of our primary solutions.

We offer professional fire and smoke restoration in Colorado Springs. Call today at(719) 356-3189 orcontact us online to schedule your service.

Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration

We ensure that the fire damage site is properly cleaned of debris, water, soot, and smoke particles. Apart from clearing immediately visible areas, we also look into hidden nooks and crannies such as HVAC vents to ensure that all fire damage signs can be removed effectively.

Once we have cleaned up the damage site, we move forward with actively restoring all damaged elements and fixtures on your property. This includes but is not limited to stain removal activities, wall and floor restoration, window and door restoration, and infrastructure restoration.

Electrical Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Whether a fire is a result of electrical damage or not, it can leave lasting effects on electric cables and fixtures. Apart from causing power outage and fluctuation, this could also cause safety hazards.

We make sure to go through all electrical fixtures on the damage site to eliminate exposed wiring and other elements that could harm anyone on your property. Our technicians also go ahead to repair the damage and restore your electrical fixtures back in place. This ensures that you can get your property back to a functional state without having to go through a slew of contractors.

Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Sites with extensive fire damage often suffer from broken pipes or damaged plumbing. As a part of our fire restoration services in Colorado Springs, our technicians ensure to identify such damage to perform proper water mitigation. This clears your property of excess moisture caused by the fire damage or subsequent fire extinguishing activities.

After the inspection, we start repairing the broken plumbing infrastructure to ensure that problems such as water leaks do not cause any issues. We also use industrial-grade equipment to dry your property of excess water and moisture, which ensures that your site will not face any resulting water damage problems in the future.

We are available 24/7 to handle all your emergency fire damage repair needs. Call today at(719) 356-3189 orcontact us online.