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How ServiceMaster Technicians Effectively Restore Soft Goods

Your One-Stop Solution for Salvaging Damaged Soft Goods

Have you ever had a valuable garment you loved, but it got damaged or started to wear over time? Perhaps your childhood stuffed animal endured smoke damage from a fire? Or maybe your favorite pair of shoes were affected by a flooding incident? Don’t worry because there’s still hope! At ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs, we have the tools and techniques to restore soft goods to their original state!

Soft goods are everyday items we use, wear, and carry. From clothing to luggage, these items play an essential role in our daily lives. However, they can decay or incur damage during natural disasters such as fires, floods, or mold outbreaks. As a result of unexpected events, soft items can become visibly damaged – looking worn out and losing their value.

Fortunately, our soft goods restoration services offer a solution to these problems. We promise to provide a comprehensive approach to cleaning, repairing, and restoring soft goods. Boasting more than 2 decades of industry-leading experience, our qualified technicians adhere to a proven formula and targeted skills. Our attention to detail, transparency, and communication remain unrivaled in the industry!

Popular Soft Good Items We Restore

Soft goods restoration services offer an excellent solution for those who wish to keep their everyday items looking and functioning like new. Our team can clean and restore an extensive list – keeping your favorite soft possessions from decreasing in value over time. Here is a quick list of our most popular soft good restoration assignments.

Clothing Restoration

ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs can restore damaged clothing of countless materials. Our advanced restoration methods include:

  • Reweaving holes
  • Repairing damaged seams
  • Replacing buttons and zippers
  • Restoring aged fabric to its original color or texture

Let us give your beloved dress, nightgown, and outfit the second chance it deserves!

Shoe Restoration

Shoes are easy to get attached to and challenging to watch as they decline in appearance. Luckily, we provide a range of shoe repair services, including:

  • Resoling
  • Restitching
  • Restoring leather
  • Industry-grade, specialized cleaning

Our team can even go above and beyond to taper the shoe and adjust the fit to make them feel like new again. If you are not ready to say goodbye to your favorite footwear, give us a call without delay!

Hat Restoration

Hats can quickly lose their shape or have their brim end up damaged. Our professional hat restoration services can repair lopsided brims, iron out creases, fix sweatbands, and reshape hats using steam or special molds. We’ll have your hat looking fancy and stylish again in no time!

Belt Restoration

Belts play a crucial role in holding our pants up, and when they become worn out, they can’t do their job effectively. Our professional belt repair entails anything from fixing Buckle prongs and patching cracks to resizing the belt to get the perfect fit.

Tent Restoration

Tents are constantly exposed to weather, dirt, and various outdoor elements, which can shorten their lifespan. As a result, they often endure flooding and water damage, mold damage, and other forms of natural deterioration. Let our team help revive and repair your tent today. We utilize specific tools and techniques to patch holes, restitch seams, or replace damaged zippers.

Athletic Gear Restoration

Athletic gear is essential for optimal performance and injury risk reduction. It is also subject to harsh conditions and treacherous terrains (depending on the sport). Consequently, it is not uncommon for amateur and professional athletes to seek professional assistance to ensure their athleisure and athletic gear remain in top condition.

We can clean, repair, refurbish, and deodorize all kinds of athletic equipment, including:

  • Gym bags
  • Sports equipment
  • Special jerseys
  • Gloves
  • Shoes/cleats

Whether you need mountain biking, golfing, or climbing gear restoration, our professionals are ready to help.

Luggage Restoration

An expensive luggage set should last for years. However, traveling can shorten that lifespan by exposing your luggage to constant wear and tear. We repair scratched or dented hard shell cases, fix broken zippers, or replace damaged wheels. Our team can also handle the restoration of leather, suede, or textile bags.

All About ServiceMaster’s Approach to Restoring Soft Goods

Our restoration process entails a focused approach and a commitment to durability. We realize soft goods come in intricate structures and delicate materials, which makes restoring them a delicate and arduous process. Our professional restoration services follow specialized, time-tested methodologies to get the job done right.

In many scenarios, DIY attempts fail to achieve the precision and craftsmanship you need to revive your soft fabrics and accessories. Beyond personal mishaps and mistakes, the restoration process can be technically challenging when dealing with couture jackets, expensive shoes, or linen bags. You can count on our restoration experts to handle your personal items with an understanding of their materiality and sensitivity to cleaning methods.

Looking to Restore Your Soft Goods? Call a ServiceMaster Pro Today!

By choosing ServiceMaster’s soft goods restoration services, you will preserve the quality of your soft goods and prolong their lifespan. Our services are particularly beneficial for high-end items that may lose value over time through daily wear and tear. Our restoration process can also provide preventive care, ensuring your items stay pristine.

Whether seeking restoration due to a catastrophic incident or for proactive maintenance, ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs will go above and beyond to help you avoid bidding farewell to your personal belongings. We know how hard it is to bounce back from unforeseen disasters. Our compassionate experts and targeted restoration solutions will have your soft items looking, feeling, and functioning normally again.

Do you need soft goods restoration services? Call (719) 356-3189 or contact us online today!