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Posts from 2013

  • SHOULD YOU BUY A FORECLOSED HOME WITH MOLD? Are you interested in purchasing a foreclosed home, but wondering what it will take to get the mold cleaned up? Can it even be cleaned up? This helpful video was produced by Dan Moyle of AmeriFirst Home Mortgage and our very own Ron Kilian here at SMKazoo and details the ... Continue Reading
  • WHEN THE SMOKE CLEARS – CLEANING UP SMOKE DAMAGE Unfortunately, smoke residue is the curse that keeps on giving after a fire. The longer smoke and/or soot sits on surfaces, the more damage will occur. Quick removal of smoke acid residue can save all these materials – and lots of heartache. Don’t wait to get it looked at, ... Continue Reading
  • PROTECTING YOURSELF FROM CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING Carbon Monoxide, or CO, is a gas that is produced as a byproduct of the combustion process by fuel burning appliances such as furnaces, wood-burning stoves, water heaters and more. Usually, the amount of CO these appliances produce is too little to be harmful. However, if ... Continue Reading