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Types of Water Damage Restoration in Rochester, MN

ServiceMaster of Rochester provides restoration services for various levels of water damage in Rochester, MN. With the possible exception of fire, water does more damage to property than any other disaster. Cleaning up water damage is a fairly straightforward process, but water damage restoration is much more involved. For the long-term stability of the structure and the health of its occupants, proper water damage restoration is critical. Properly dealing with the long-term effects of water damage usually requires hiring a professional specially trained in water damage restoration. To fully grasp why this is so important it is necessary to understand the cause of the damage and the level of destruction that occurred. There are three basic sources of water damage, each requiring a different level of restoration:

  • The most simple cleanup and restoration for clean water damage. Clean water may be described as water that is drinkable, i.e. a burst water supply pipe in a wall or ceiling.
  • The second most serious damage is caused by what is commonly referred to as gray water. Gray water sources include dishwashers, sink drains, washing machines or toilet overflows that do not contain fecal matter.
  • Most serious among water damage is that caused by sewer leaks or backups, flooding from rivers and streams, stagnant water, or toilet overflows containing fecal matter.

Each of these types of water damage requires different levels of restoration. When hiring a water restoration professional, be sure they are trained and certified to perform the required level of water damage restoration. There are specific procedures to be followed as well as materials for decontamination and restoration for each level of damage. There are four levels of damage, each requiring a different restoration practice. They are:

  • Some wet carpet or damage to only part of a room. Affected materials are low absorbent materials such as wood or concrete. Restoration may be as simple as using a wet/dry vac to remove water and dry the carpet.
  • Restoration is more involved when the damage covers an entire room, large areas of wet carpeting, and textiles such as upholstered furniture. This level of damage also may include moisture that has wicked-up into drywall as much as one foot and wet structural materials such as wall studs.
  • The next level of damage includes ceilings, insulation in walls, ceilings, or attics, and damage to sub-floors.
  • The most extensive of the four levels of damage affects low absorbent materials like masonry, stone, or hardwood. This level of damage involves greater volumes of water and water that has been standing for long periods of time causing greater water saturation.

Proper restoration after proper cleanup is best handled by a professional who has been certified to restore water damage. By utilizing extensive training and the right equipment and materials, most water damage can be restored to a “before disaster” condition. When dealing with water damage cleanup and restoration, the most important factor is to act promptly. Where ever there is water damage there is always the danger of mold growth when moisture is allowed to exist, especially in cool dark areas that encourage the growth of mold. Furthermore, failing to restore a structure after sustaining water damage can result in further structural damage. If your home or business sustains water damage in the Rochester, MN area, call the professionals at ServiceMaster of Rochester. We are fully trained in water damage restoration of all types, from minor leaks to the most extreme flood or sewer damage. We have everything it takes to get your property back to pre-water damage condition. We are not only thorough but when time is of the essence, ServiceMaster of Rochester is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. No matter when a water disaster strikes, we are here to take care of you.