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5 Reasons Why Your Carpets are Wearing Down Too Quickly

carpet cleaning services in Rochester, MN to keep your carpet clean and looking new for longer. Of course, it helps to know exactly what breaks your carpet down faster than general wear and tear. The following can lead to premature replacement of your expensive carpeting investment: 

A lack of vacuuming is the number-one factor that causes carpets to age too quickly. It may seem like a hassle to vacuum carpets every day, or even every other day. However, if you don’t,  in the long run, you will have to replace your carpets much sooner than expected. If not routinely vacuumed, dirt, sand, and other grit is ground deeply into the fibers. This filth will tear and shred the fibers and nourish mold and bacteria growth that will eat away at the fabric. 

Harsh cleaning solutions can be incredibly destructive to your carpet, leaving it burned and weakened. Alkaline solutions, usually containing bleach or ammonia, are especially destructive to carpet fibers. It’s best to use a mild detergent or a water-vinegar mixture to clean spots. 

Other strong chemicals can also break down carpet fibers. Alcohols and mineral compounds will burn your carpet on contact or leave deposits that continue to break down the fibers long after the solution is used to clean a stain. 

Acids are also often present in cleaning solutions as well as many foods and liquids spilled on carpets. Coffee, tea, and wine are especially high in acids compared to most foods. Stains from acidic foods or acids in cleaning solutions will add to a prematurely aging carpet. 

Steam cleaning. While this may seem contradictory, it can actually hurt more than it can help. Rental steam cleaners can leave large amounts of dirty water on the carpet. Continually leaving moisture in your carpet will rot the material or grow harmful mold among the fibers. Avoiding these carpet mishaps will help extend your carpet’s life, but regular professional cleaning can work wonders. 

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