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We Are Prepared For Commercial & Residential Property Securement This 4th of July

ServiceMaster Is On-Call 24/7/365 To Provide Emergency Services!  

The 4th of July holiday brings an increased risk of commercial and residential fires in our area. Especially this year, as traditional fireworks shows have been cancelled due to the coronavirus and people opt to create their own shows in their neighborhoods.

A home or business ravaged by flames may suffer from a compromised structure, fragile walls and holes through the ceiling, and possibly, the roof. After the fire is extinguished, emergency board-up service and roof tarping prevents additional destruction and property loss until restoration can be completed.

It is extremely important to secure it quickly and safely to avoid any further damage. We respond rapidly with emergency board-up services to keep out the elements and unwanted guests. We will board-up any broken windows, walls, or doors that have been damaged. We also provide tarping services for damaged roofs. By shielding the compromised areas, we help prevent further damage to the home or business.

Don’t Know What To Do After the Fire Department Leaves? We DO! 

After the flames have been extinguished, the lasting effects of a fire begin to reveal themselves. Charred walls, water-logged furniture, soot-covered ceilings, and smoky-smelling possessions lay bare in the aftermath. You need an expert fire damage restoration service to get you through the days and weeks of cleanup as you try to salvage your most precious items and restore your home or business. ServiceMaster is the right choice during this challenging time. We are experienced with fire damage repair, certified in safe cleanups and skilled at handling insurance paperwork. Let us ease your stress!

Move Quickly To Reduce Fire Damage

Once we are notified, our crews get right to work to preserve your property no matter the time of day or night. We’ll board up and tarp the damaged areas, remove excess water and start salvaging items at risk of being ruined. We provide pack-out service and storage for the contents as well as cleaning and deodorization services. Here’s what you can expect:

  • First step: Reach out to us and our friendly staff members 24/7/365. We’ll spring into action to help you minimize your losses.
  • Emergency Services: Our team secures the building for safety and then starts mitigating the damage.
  • Contents restoration: We separate items that are unaffected from those that require drying, soot removal or smoke deodorization. Every damaged item is documented for your records.
  • Water damage: We extract excess water and begin the drying process to protect the structure and contents from further damage due to moisture and mold.
  • Odor elimination: Smoke and soot have a way of getting into every little nook and cranny. We sanitize and deodorize the home or building thoroughly as part of the fire damage restoration process.
  • Experts in fire damage repair and restoration: As items burn from the result of a fire, they can release a brew of toxic chemicals in the smoke. This film of soot can be hazardous to your health. Our crew understands that you want to save as much as possible, and we know the safest ways to clean, sanitize and deodorize all types of materials.

Choose a fire damage restoration company that works with your insurance:

Navigating a fire insurance claim can be daunting. Our locally owned ServiceMaster franchise works with all insurance companies and guides our customers through the process as smoothly as possible. A fire is a major upheaval. Let us handle the paperwork hassles so you can focus on moving forward.

We are an experienced and certified team of professionals who provide excellent customer service and communication to our customers throughout Salem, Albany, Corvallis, Lincoln City, Newport, McMinnville, Dallas, Lebanon, Woodburn and surrounding communities. For more information about how ServiceMaster can be a benefit to you, your customers, your home or business, please call us at any one of our three office locations.