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Fire Safety

Each year fires are reported in homes and businesses. Many times the cause of the fire is from candles, chemicals, or kitchen mishaps. Are you aware that these items also start numerous fires each year?

9 Volt Batteries – Batteries can cause a fire risk. 9 Volt batteries tend to be riskier than other batteries. Since the negative and positive poles are on the same side of a 9 volt battery, it can lead to risk. If a coin or paper clip comes into contact with both poles, it can overheat the battery enough to cause a spark, which may lead to a fire. Store batteries upright with no other items nearby.

Power Strips – Power strips are meant for items such as computers and TVs. Avoid plugging items into a power strip that heat up, such as coffee makers, toasters, and space heaters. The voltage needed for these items may not match the power strip's voltage and may cause it to overheat. Plug these items directly into an outlet and use the power strips for more appropriate items.

Phone Chargers – Many people sleep with their phones charging by their bed. These fires start for many reasons. Using a charger that is not made for that specific phone or a discount charger may cause the wire to ignite. Even if the correct charger is used, storing the phone to charge under a pillow can also cause the charger to overheat. To be safe, only buy chargers that are sold by a qualified testing laboratory.