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Residential Fire damage rESTORATION

24/7 Fire Damage Repair Near You

Fire damage can leave profound and lasting impacts that extend beyond the structural components of a building, especially if it's not promptly addressed. That's why our dedicated team at ServiceMaster of Tacoma, is available around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter the scale or severity of fire damage your Tacoma residence has suffered, our proficient fire damage restoration team is equipped to handle it all!

We are committed to fully restoring your property and returning your home to its pre-fire state as quickly and efficiently as possible. Don't let the aftermath of a fire disrupt your life more than it already has. Reach out to us any time in Tacoma, WA, and let us help restore normalcy to your life!

Don't let fire damage keep you from the comfort of your home. Call (253) 201-1270 orcontact us online for fast and effective fire damage restoration!

Our Fire Restoration Process

Emergency Pre-Cleaning

It’s important to first identify the type of fire damage near you that occurred during the disaster. If needed, we’ll seal your home from the elements. Next, we perform emergency pre-cleaning. We can prep for situations like fire and smoke damage. We can also handle water damage from burst pipes or from firefighters putting out a fire. We work to make sure no further damage will occur.

Complete Structure Cleaning ServiceMaster Fire Damage Repair Technician looking at tablet with a homeowner

First, immediate threats to the property should be taken care of. Once a building is safe, we move on to the complete structure cleaning. This includes cleaning the interior and removing damaged materials. Any items that are in good condition will be stored elsewhere while the cleaning and repairs take place.

Eliminating Smoke & Soot

Soot particles are small enough to be breathed in easily but large enough to do real damage as they enter the body. There are more than just health issues to consider. Smoke and soot can actually inflict greater damage the longer they remain on objects. Permanent stains become increasingly likely the longer that smoke remains on different surfaces.

This is true of flooring, countertops, walls, tile, and more. It's important to address smoke and soot with effective methods. You want t be confident that your indoor air is safe and normal once again. Along with soot, toxic chemicals and residue may be present on the premises after a fire. These may require special attention to remove.

Pack Out and Inventory Services As Needed

Items that weren’t damaged in the fire need to be moved to a safe location. This will prevent your belongings from getting damaged during the restoration process. Our company can both move and store your belongings. We catalog your items to keep track of the condition and location of your items. You’ll always know where your belongings are throughout the entire restoration process.

Odor Removal

Odors often remain even after fire damaged items have been removed. A property may be completely repaired but still suffer from lingering odor. That’s why our highly-trained professionals implement sanitizers and deodorizers.

We serve King, Pierce, Thurston, Kitsap and Mason Counties.

Let our professional fire cleanup crew in Tacoma help make your home look like home again. Start by calling(253) 201-1270 orcontact us online!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take ServiceMaster of Tacoma to restore my home?

Fire and smoke damage restoration entails many variables and services, so it is difficult to predict how long it will take. Your ServiceMaster Restore restoration technician can provide a detailed timeline and phase breakdown of your restoration project.

Is fire restoration covered by my insurance?

In most cases, ServiceMaster of Tacoma collects only your insurance deductible amount before work starts, and bills the balance to your insurance company as a service. Before any non-insured work can begin, a payment schedule must be agreed upon if your project is not covered by insurance or you choose not to file a claim.

Why should I hire professional fire damage restoration services?

In order to efficiently handle the complex restoration process, professional fire damage restoration services are necessary. Our professionals have the right expertise, experience, and equipment. Additionally, our commitment to safety, adherence to industry guidelines, and diligent efforts to mitigate further damage ensure the thorough restoration of your property.

Is anything salvageable after a fire?

Dealing with the aftermath of a fire can be overwhelming, and you may find yourself wondering if anything can be salvaged. While it's true that fires can cause severe damage, not everything may be lost. The extent of salvageable items often depends on the severity of the fire and the materials involved. However, determining what can be saved should be left to professionals to ensure safety and effectiveness.

At ServiceMaster of Tacoma, we are equipped with the knowledge and tools to help assess and restore your belongings after a fire. From furniture to personal items, our team works diligently to recover as much as possible. Don't navigate this challenging time alone - contact ServiceMaster of Tacoma today and let us help guide you through the recovery process.

How long does smoke damage last?

Smoke damage can be a persistent issue, and its effects can last for a long time if not properly addressed. The residue left by smoke can continue to harm your property and health, causing discoloration, corrosion, and lingering odors. Moreover, it can embed itself into various materials, making it difficult to remove without professional help.

At ServiceMaster of Tacoma, we have the expertise and equipment to thoroughly clean and restore your property from smoke damage. Our smoke damage restoration team understands the urgency of addressing this issue and works diligently to ensure that no traces of smoke damage remain. Don't let the effects of smoke damage linger on your property, potentially risking your health and further damaging your belongings.

IF YOU NEED FIRE restoration AND SMOKE REmoval SERVICES, CONTACT US TODAY AT(253) 201-1270 orreach out online!