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Residential Ice Damming in Chicago

Repair for Ice Damming Damage

ServiceMaster DSI is available around the clock to serve you and your needs this winter. One service we provide that other restoration companies do not is Ice Damming. Ice Damming occurs in the winter when ice blocks and icicles build up on your roof and gutters from the freezing conditions.

Ice dams may form when water from melting snow freezes into ice at the edge of your roof. Without proper roof snow removal, the ice that develops may grow large enough to prevent water from melting snow from properly draining off the roof. When the water is unable to drain from the roof, it may then back up underneath roof shingles and make its way into your home or cause damage to the exterior.

These frozen chunks can cause immediate damage to your shingles, downspouts and gutters. Ice Damming can also pose a risk to yourself and your loved ones. While rare, they can potentially break off and fall on people or pets, causing serious injury or even death.

ServiceMaster DSI provides complete disaster restoration services and construction services for your home. Regardless of the type of disaster your home has experienced, we’ll restore it to its pre-loss condition on time, within budget, and to your desired specifications. ServiceMaster DSI is available around the clock to serve your needs.

If You need solutions for your ice dam or resulting water damage, call at (773) 729-1757 or fill out a service request form online for more information.