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Posts from 2020

  • 5 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Fire in the Workplace Protecting your workplace against fire goes far beyond installing and testing smoke detectors. Every business is unique and while some fire hazards are universal, different industries can require different types of efforts. These tips can help you reduce the risk of fire in ... Continue Reading
  • Causes of Fire in the Workplace Top 5 Causes of Fire in the Workplace In 2018 alone, emergency fire fighting teams responded to an estimated 103,600 fires on commercial properties. Fortunately, these fires in the workplace can be managed when proper safety measures are taken in advance. Annual reports from ... Continue Reading
  • Top 5 Costliest Hurricanes to Hit The U.S. Out of all the weather events recorded in U.S. history, hurricanes have caused the most damage and destruction. Between 1900 and 2017, there were 36 recorded hurricanes that cost over $1 billion each in restoration. According to the Office for Coastal Management, 28 of them ... Continue Reading
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