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Posts from 2021

  • Disaster Restoration in Rockford, IL The ServiceMaster DSI – Rockford Team Rockford is the third-largest city in Illinois. Conveniently located between Chicago and Galena, Rockford is known for its industrial development and many cultural venues. Because so many businesses and residents are in close proximity ... Continue Reading
  • Getting Ready for Hurricane Season 2021 with Hurricane Preparedness Week June 1 once again marks the start of hurricane season in the United States , a half-year period that continues through the end of November. While the “official” season doesn't begin until June, in recent years we've seen more hurricane activity in May, strengthening the need ... Continue Reading
  • How To Stop Mold in the Workplace (Before It Starts) Have you ever heard horror stories, or even worked in an office, factory, or hospital that had to shut down due to mold? Then you know all about the time and energy it takes to shut down operations, evacuate the staff and spend weeks getting rid of toxic mold. How does mold ... Continue Reading
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