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  • Hurricane Hazards and Preparedness Tips for Homeowners Cell phone? First aid kit and medications? Your neighbors’ phone numbers? Unless you can check off these items and more, you likely don’t have everything you need to be truly prepared for a hurricane. Take an active role in your safety even before the Atlantic hurricane ... Continue Reading
  • Six Steps to Prepare Your Business for Severe Weather Damage Severe weather can occur at any time of year in the U.S., but is most prevalent in spring and summertime. It’s always important to take precautions and have a disaster recovery plan in place to minimize damage from these events. Why prepare for tornadoes and other severe ... Continue Reading
  • Are Chicago Residents Ready for Spring Weather? ARE CHICAGO RESIDENTS READY FOR SPRING WEATHER? Every state has experienced various degrees of winter weather this season. The West Coast dealt with storms very early on and the Southeast had an onslaught of ice storms. Meteorological Spring is March 1st, but there is still ... Continue Reading
  • ­Three Ways to Winterize your Business For most of the United States, winter is in full effect with cooler temperatures, brisk winds, snow, sleet, and ice. These can all wreak havoc on small businesses during the winter. Taking steps now to prepare your business can help reduce the risk of downtime, lost ... Continue Reading
  • Winter Weather Outlook: What You Should Know The NOAA has released their 2021 Winter Outlook, which begins December 2021 and lasts until February 2022. With help from forecasters at the Climate Prediction Center, the National Centers for Environmental Prediction can create seasonal outlooks to help communities prepare ... Continue Reading