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Reno Commercial Mold Remediation Services

Professional Mold Inspection, Removal & Restoration for Businesses

Mold can threaten any damp surface, from ceilings and wallpaper to drywall and wood flooring. Mold growth can start on any wet surface within just 48 hours. Without treatment, mold wreaks havoc not only on your property’s very structure, but it poses serious health threats to you and your family.

If your property has recently had standing water buildup, or you suspect your commercial property has a mold infestation, get in touch with our team at ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Reno.

Our Commercial Mold Remediation Process

When you trust our restoration service experts in Reno to remove mold at the source, we keep it from contaminating other parts of your commercial property.

Our commercial mold removal approach is a 6-step process that includes:

  1. Mold inspection and assessment
  2. Standing water removal
  3. Antimicrobial application
  4. Air movement drying
  5. Dehumidifying
  6. Continued monitoring

As mold restoration service professionals in Reno, we answer the phone lines 24/7! We also have the techniques, tools, and technology to correctly identify and remove mold with a proven strategy.

Call(775) 242-6497 to get started orcontact us online 24 hours a day for assistance.

The Most Common Causes of Mold Growth

Mold can make an appearance almost anywhere. The key is knowing what areas are more susceptible to mold growth so that you can anticipate an issue before it happens.

Leaky pipes

When moisture builds up in dark and humid spaces, it gives mold a chance to flourish. Broken, burst, or cracked pipes behind drywall or under sinks are among the most common causes of mold growth inside your property.

It’s vital to hire a professional to install or repair your pipes to avoid leaks or potential damage.

Poor ventilation

A property with poor ventilation is a breeding ground for mold and other types of bacteria that can cause structural damage. Your commercial HVAC and communal kitchen appliances can create steam that results in high humidity levels. When combined with stagnant and musty air, this produces an unhealthy environment for you and your staff.

High humidity

Humidity levels in your commercial property should be between 30% and 50%.

The easiest way to determine your property’s humidity level is to purchase a hygrometer that serves as a humidity monitor. However, there are a few other ways to tell if your commercial property is too humid.

Some signs of imbalanced humidity include:

  • Dry indoor plant soil
  • Dry nasal passages
  • Musty smells
  • Condensation on windows

Leaky roof

Even a partially damaged roof can cause significant issues for any property owner, including the threat of mold. A slow leak can build up enormous amounts of moisture in your attic and ceiling, creating water stains and spreading mold throughout your commercial space.

Where To Look for Mold

Mold is an equal opportunity spreader. You can find mold almost anywhere you have moisture and bacteria.

Typically, you can find mold in or on:

  • Bathroom tiles/grout
  • Toilets
  • Ceilings
  • Floors
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Water dispensers
  • Windowsills
  • AC vents
  • Indoor plants

Reno’s Climate Is Dry, But These Indoor Conditions Can Still Lead to Infestation

Mold actually requires very little water and can survive in dry climates, like the desert.

Even though Reno is known for its dry conditions, mold only requires three things to thrive:

  • Moisture
  • Warmth
  • Nourishment

If one of these is eliminated, it can cause mold to stop growing, but it won’t kill it; it simply dries it out.

Our mold damage pros in Reno have a complete understanding of mold and how it prospers. We also provide a thorough inspection to eliminate the conditions that cause mold growth in the first place to keep mold from coming back.

Don’t Let Mold Leave You Frantic

While mold is undoubtedly unsightly, poor aesthetics should be the least of your concerns regarding mold growth.

Mold infestations can deteriorate your property foundation, damage heating and cooling units, decay drywall, cause the roof to cave in—and the problems only escalate from there.

Contact with toxic mold is another severe threat. For example, exposure to black mold can:

  • Aggravate allergies;
  • Worsen asthma symptoms;
  • Create breathing troubles;
  • Lead to skin irritation; and
  • Cause unrelenting headaches.

It’s important to put professionals on the job for mold inspection and removal the very first time you see mold or experience mold exposure symptoms. That way, you can mitigate the damage it poses to your property and your health.

Comprehensive Commercial Mold Removal Services

Efficient, safe mold remediation requires the knowledge of a capable team with experience and safety know-how. That’s where our mold damage professionals come in handy for commercial and residential property owners experiencing mold. Our team will be dispatched to your property to remove these harmful fungi and get the job done quickly so you can reoccupy the structure or reopen your business as soon as it is safely possible.

You’re in excellent, capable hands with our team of mold remediation experts in Reno. Our restoration service specialists work efficiently and get your property ready for you to return to life as usual.

Don’t try to do it yourself—you’ll ultimately reduce your suffering and save money by ensuring professionals are on the job who can take prompt action to lessen the damage.

For more information about our commercial mold restoration services, call(775) 242-6497 or contact us.