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Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration in Saco

Having a team like ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Saco supporting you during Disaster Restoration means you don’t need to shoulder all of the responsibility. There are many considerations during restoration and making an effective plan of action is the difference between a timely process and one which ends up costing more in the long run. Depending on the type and severity of the fire, our professionals will conduct restoration services such as:

  • Inspecting the property for structural stability
  • Removing charred items beyond recovery
  • Assessing for water damage from firefighting efforts
  • Mitigating excess water if necessary
  • Packing up and relocating items to a secure facility for cleaning
  • Maintaining a detailed inventory of possessions
  • Assistance finding temporary housing
  • Tarping and boarding up the property for protection
  • Performing structural restoration construction
  • Cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing structures and belongings
  • Sealing to prevent odors from returning
  • Assistance navigating the insurance claims process
  • Bringing clean possessions back and helping you get things in order

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration FAQs

At its core, the goal of fire restoration is to help clients return to normal. But each situation is different, and it’s important to understand the nuances for your safety, especially because there are both short and long-term effects that exposure to smoke can have.

What materials cause toxic fumes after a fire?

Any type of fire, whether it was structural, gas, natural, etc. will emit a mixture of toxic gases and particles. This release of particles is smoke, which always contains a level of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, along with many other chemicals that exist based on factors such as:

  • What is burning
  • How much oxygen is available
  • How hot the burn temperature is

As fire consumes materials, it’s releasing these hazardous fumes from the structures being burned. For example, in a structure fire, you may have plastics, textiles, electronics, household cleaners, etc. that are all burning and releasing fumes. The microscopic particles that emerge from fire penetrate deep into the lungs and cause several health ailments. This is why it's important to hire professionals for fire damage repair.

Why is smoke odor so hard to eliminate?

Basic DIY measures likely will not be enough to rid the lingering odors after a fire. That’s because the tiny, toxic particles hanging around permeate both hard and soft surfaces, deeply embedding into your home. Careful treatment measures can remove these offensive smells and seal areas to prevent a return.

What is the most common cause of residential fires?

Everyone can appreciate a good, home-cooked meal. Until something gets forgotten on the stove and a fire starts. Cooking has long been the leading cause of home fires, but other fire hazards to watch for include:

  • Candles
  • Electrical Work
  • Heating Equipment
  • Smoking

It doesn't take much to start a fire, whether someone falls asleep with a candle burning, attempts ineffective DIY electrical tasks, or leaves a heater unattended. Though we try to be careful and vigilant, accidents happen. That’s why our team is available 24/7 with an emergency crew on standby.

Preventing Future Fire Damage in Your Home

At ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Saco, we understand the devastating effects of fire damage and the importance of preventing fires in the first place. Taking proactive measures to protect your home can save you from the physical, emotional, and financial toll of a fire. Here are some tips to help you prevent fire damage:

  1. Install smoke detectors: Make sure you have smoke detectors installed on every level of your home, including inside each bedroom. Test them regularly and replace the batteries at least once a year.
  2. Practice safe cooking: Never leave cooking unattended, especially when using high heat. Keep flammable items away from the stove and oven, and use a timer to remind you when food is cooking.
  3. Be cautious with candles: Keep candles at least one foot away from anything that can burn. Never leave candles unattended, and extinguish them before leaving the room or going to bed.
  4. Use space heaters safely: Keep space heaters at least three feet away from anything that can burn, such as furniture, curtains, or bedding. Never leave them unattended or use them while you sleep.
  5. Keep electrical cords in good condition: Check for frayed or damaged cords and replace them immediately. Avoid overloading outlets and use extension cords sparingly.
  6. Properly maintain your heating system: Have your furnace, fireplace, and chimney inspected and cleaned annually by a professional. Keep flammable materials away from heating sources.
  7. Store flammable materials safely: Keep flammable liquids, such as gasoline and paint thinner, in approved containers and store them in a well-ventilated area away from heat sources.
  8. Have a fire escape plan: Create and practice a fire escape plan with your family. Make sure everyone knows the quickest and safest way to exit the house in case of a fire.

By following these fire prevention tips, you can minimize the risk of fire damage to your home and keep your loved ones safe. However, if you do experience a fire, ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Saco is here to help you restore your property and belongings. Contact us today for professional fire and smoke damage restoration services.

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