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Commercial Damage Restoration in Saco

Restoration Professionals Backed by 65+ Years of National Experience

When your commercial property takes damage, whether it’s from a fire, flood, or hidden mold damage that was recently discovered, your business can be at risk for a lot. Not only does property damage put the health of your employees and customers at risk, but even the smallest amount of damage will leave your business looking worse for wear, tarnishing any great first impression you hoped to make.

At ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Saco, we understand the stress that comes along with commercial property damage and always look for ways to ensure your restoration process is as easy as possible. Regardless of the type of disaster or the amount of damage left behind, we’ll be there for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to get started on cleaning, repairing, and rebuilding after a disaster.

Our Disaster Restoration Services

Our commercial restoration services include:

  • Pre-Loss Planning – Before disaster ever strikes, we’ll walk you through creating a business continuity plan and ensure you are fully prepared in the face of disaster.
  • Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration – Direct flames, heat, smoke, ash, soot, and firefighting all cause their own specific kind of damage that’ll need to be handled in a specific way. Our team delivers comprehensive solutions to recover from any fire that may have broken out in your business.
  • Weather Damage Restoration – From high winds to heavy rainfall, the weather in Maine can cause all kinds of damage to the interior, exterior, and structure of your business. Ensure all storm damage is properly restored with our team’s help!
  • Water Damage Restoration – Whether a pipe has burst, an appliance has broken, or you’re dealing with flooding from a storm, any water-related disaster needs to be dealt with ASAP. Beginning with water mitigation, our team will reduce the amount of loss your business takes and get started with the proper drying and repair methods to prevent mold growth and other problems.
  • Mold Damage Restoration – Even if you don’t see any visible mold spots, any rising suspicion that mold is growing inside your business should be taken seriously. After confirming the mold with a mold test, we can handle the mold remediation to get things back to normal.

Thanks to our years of experience cleaning and repairing disaster damage in Saco and the backing and proprietary systems provider by a national leader in restoration, we have everything needed to mitigate loss in your facilities and get things back to normal quickly.

Request Your Saco Business Restoration Today!

Business owners and facility managers turn to ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Saco because we’re:

  • Backed by a nationally recognized company with 65 years of experience
  • Available 24/7/365 for all your emergency restoration needs
  • Able to mitigate, clean up, and repair nearly any kind of property damage
  • Known for offering honest assessments, clear timelines, and consistent communication

A disaster can destroy your property if you’re not careful – or don’t have the right help to get things restored. When you turn to ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Saco, you can have full confidence knowing that you’re working with a crew of restoration professionals that understand the common types of property loss experienced in Maine, know what to be on the lookout for, and can effectively restore your environment so your employees and customers can be welcomed back!

Restore your Saco business with confidence – dial(207) 436-8295 to request help from ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Saco!