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Halloween: If Your Car Has Been Egged – Clean it Immediately!

We all love trick or treating with the kids, but Halloween has its downside. Coming out of the house in the morning to find your car has been egged isn’t fun.

It might seem pretty harmless to have egg on your car, but eggs can actually destroy the paint and cause long-lasting and even permanent damage to your vehicle. The longer the egg has a chance to sit the worse the damage becomes and with any sunlight the damage amplifies.

Yolk and egg white are corrosive to all painted surfaces and can even eat through the paint and start destroying the metal beneath it.

The eggs shells are dangerous because they have the potential to scratch the paint. Some of this can be buffed out, but if the eggs were thrown with a lot of speed the scratches may be deeper and have gone through the clearcoat.

The best thing is to act fast! The longer you leave the eggs on the car the more damage they can do. Even if you’ve waxed the car the eggs will go beneath the wax and every hour the damage sets in more.

You’ll want to clean the entire surface with water and a soft detergent. Try not to rub at all, you don’t want to rub the eggshells in and cause more scratching. Now inspect the area. If the paint is rough, uneven,  or faded then repainting is the only solution. The damage is permanent and there’s really nothing you can do.

If you need help cleaning up any damage that may have happened during Halloween we can help we have a team of professionals ready to assist you in any clean-up! (781) 536-7375