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Managing Water Damage in Hyannis, MA

Hyannis is home to some of the most beautiful properties in Cape Cod. But Hyannis is also a place subject to floods, intense rainfall, and other water-related concerns. Every property in Hyannis could be affected by water damage, especially those closer to the harbor.

But water damage can come from many sources besides the intense weather conditions in Hyannis. Your property in town could also experience water damage from things like:

  • Leaks in your plumbing system
  • Broken water pipes
  • Appliance leaks
  • Toilet issues, including one that leaks or clogs
  • Your roof being exposed

All of these significant threats can put your property at risk. But our team at ServiceMaster South Shore will be there to help you control your water damage and to keep your property safe.

What to Do Before We Start

Part of managing water damage in Hyannis is about ensuring the existing damage in your property doesn’t become worse. You can help us at ServiceMaster by doing a few things before we arrive:

  • You can remove any wet rugs or other surfaces that you can clear out before they trap more water in your property.
  • Use a mop or other item to pick up as much remaining water as possible.
  • Move potentially fragile items to safe and dry locations. The excess humidity from the water damage could harm some items.
  • Open all your drawers, cabinets, and other closed-off spaces to allow for more air circulation. Keeping these open helps facilitate the drying process.

What We Will Do Next

We’ll assist you in removing your water damage after we arrive at your Hyannis property. Our work includes these points:

  • We can dehumidify your property and use air circulation equipment around your walls and other spaces inside your home.
  • We will evaluate your carpets and other soft surfaces and identify how we will remove excess moisture from these spaces. Salvageable items can be vacuumed, and water can be extracted.
  • All heavy items can be safely moved from your property and then replaced when all traces of water are removed. We will clear out your appliances and other items and ensure they do not encounter further damage.
  • We provide a content drying service that can clear out any objects that have become drenched in water. Our service does well with sensitive documents.

Water damage can be a threat to your Hyannis home regardless of how it occurs. Our work at ServiceMaster South Shore is about preventing further damage.