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What is the Average Cost of Mold Remediation in Phoenix, AZ?

Mold remediation costs vary significantly, depending on the location of the mold infestation, the extent of mold growth, the type of mold, and a host of innumerable factors. Home and business owners in Phoenix, Arizona, can expect to pay slightly less than the national average for professional mold cleanup.

Professional mold remediation experts are best suited to handle the task of eliminating mold from an area. Do-it-yourselfers run the risk of spreading the mold spores and contaminating the rest of the property. As a result, the mold infestation will spread and worsen.

Mold growth can be a stealthy nuisance. Concealed colonies can thrive behind walls, under wallpaper, or in the dark crevices beneath a water pipe. Professional equipment is necessary to detect hidden mold growth. Mold remediation specialists are equipped with the tools to locate concealed mold.

Phoenix property owners who are confronted with a mold problem are advised to seek the expertise of a trustworthy mold remediation company. Hiring a professional service, however, comes with a potentially hefty charge. Various factors determine the cost of mold cleanup in Phoenix.

In many parts of the country, mold remediation services cost $1500 to $3500. Most homeowners pay $2500 for mold cleanup in the basement. Smaller areas that are infested with mold, like the bathroom, can cost $500 for remediation. Cleaning mold from large spaces, like the attic, can cost $7000.

Prices for mold cleanup in Phoenix are slightly lower than the national average. The lowest cost for mold cleanup hovers around $250. The majority of property owners shell out approximately $1600 for mold remediation. On the high end of the scale, eliminating widespread mold can cost up to $4000.

What factors influence the cost of mold cleanup?

1. Size of Affected Area

Square footage largely determines the cost of mold remediation. A 50 square foot area will cost less to remediate than one that is 300 square feet. Keep in mind that mold colonies rarely infest an entire space. Mold spores tend to be contained where abundant nourishment is present.

2. Type of Mold

The type of mold that has invaded a property also significantly affects the price of cleanup. Over 100,000 diverse species of mold exist, each featuring different appearances, locations, and levels of toxicity. Prices are higher to clean toxic mold since more safety equipment is necessary during the process.

Certain molds, like Chaetomium, are the least costly to remediate. Cleaning Alternaria, a common household mold, costs just as much as eliminating Aspergillus and Cladosporium, which are equally prevalent indoor molds. Black mold costs significantly higher to clean than most other molds.

Chaetomium flourishes in damp and water damaged properties. This species of mold can be hard to detect visually, as the spores grow under carpets, inside walls, around pipes, and in ceiling tiles. Professionally cleaning Chaetomium can be extensive and expensive.

Eliminating Alternaria from a property has a higher price tag than removing Chaetomium. Alternaria grows in homes with high humidity and can grow inside walls or on furniture. The cost to professionally remove this species of mold is largely determined by the extent of its spread.

The costs to remediate Aspergillus and Cladosporium are equivalent to the cost to clean Alternaria. Although most molds require plenty of moisture to grow, Aspergillus thrives in areas with low humidity levels. Cladosporium finds nourishment in damp basements, attics, and HVAC systems.

3. Location of Infestation

Another important determinant of mold remediation costs is the location of the mold growth. Professionally cleaning mold from a vent comes with the lowest price tag. Bathrooms and crawl spaces infested with mold are more costly to clean. Eliminating mold from air ducts is among the costliest.

Bathrooms are hotspots for mold growth, due to the abundant humidity levels. Air scrubbers are utilized to professionally remediate mold from these areas. However, the cost to professionally clean mold from bathrooms increases exponentially when mold is found behind the tub, sink or vanity.

Like bathrooms, crawl spaces are filled with humidity and dampness. The typical crawl space is small in size; as a result, mold colonies have a minimal growing area. The price to remediate mold from crawl spaces is similar to the cost of remediating mold from bathrooms.

Remediating mold from an entire home will set property owners back several thousand dollars. The cost includes professional mold cleanup and the repair of water damage. Preventing mold in the home may require replacing windows and improving the basement drainage system—adding to the high cost.

Phoenix residents who face a mold issue are advised to remediate immediately. Numerous health consequences can arise when householders are exposed to mold for prolonged periods. Plus, mold eats away at structural materials, which compromises the structural integrity of the building.

How to get a quote on mold removal in Phoenix, AZ

Cleaning up mold is well worth the price. When you seek a trustworthy mold remediation company, turn to ServiceMaster All Care Restoration. Our crews of highly experienced technicians will eliminate all traces of mold from your property, returning it to a safe and habitable condition.

Mold remediation specialists first assess the extent of mold growth. We identify the moisture source that led to the mold infestation and take steps to repair it. Materials that are permanently damaged by mold colonies are immediately discarded or, if possible, restored.

We contain the space affected by mold to prevent the spores from becoming airborne and contaminating nearby areas. A professional cleanup begins. Our technicians utilize advanced equipment and proven products to remove all hidden and visible mold growth from the property.

Qualified ServiceMaster All Care Restoration teams perform testing of the remediated area to ensure the full extent of mold has been removed. Our process also helps to prevent mold from recurring in the future. Technicians wear personal protective equipment throughout the remediation.

When mold has invaded your home or business, choose ServiceMaster All Care Restoration for quality mold remediation services. We are proud to serve the residential and business communities of Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale and Tucson, Arizona. Call us to schedule reliable mold cleanup.