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Water Damage Restoration in Phoenix, AZ

Commercial & Residential Water Damage Repair Services Near You

Water is responsible for many cases of property damage in homes and commercial buildings. This is partly because of the many possible sources. Water damage can be caused by rain, flooding, or humidity. It can occur because of problems within the home or building. Examples include things like plumbing and appliance malfunctions, leaks, overflows, and sewage backups.

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Available 24/7 for Water Mitigation & Recovery

Property owners should remember that any level of water damage is an emergency. Water is easily absorbed in porous building materials and furnishings which allows it to quickly spread. Affected materials will become damaged and weakened by the water and mold may appear in the affected areas. Reacting quickly to water damage will limit its spread and decrease the risk of serious damage and mold growth.

Professional Water Damage Restoration Services in Phoenix

ServiceMaster All Care Restoration provides commercial and residential water restoration services throughout Phoenix. Our technicians will immediately work to limit the spread of the water within your home or business. We can remove water and moisture using advanced equipment. Once the water is removed, we will clean and restore the damaged areas and materials.

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Flood Damage Restoration in Phoenix, AZ

Basements are often the lowest point in our homes, making them susceptible to flooding during water emergencies. Whether your basement has been flooded due to heavy rains, frozen pipes, or a plumbing emergency, ServiceMaster All Care Restoration - Phoenix can provide you with the repair and cleanup services you need. We have experienced technicians who are ready to help restore your basement quickly and efficiently.

Our skilled technicians use advanced water extraction equipment and methods to remove the water and clean the affected area, including walls, floors, and personal belongings. We understand that every water damage scenario is unique, so we take the time to identify any potential water intrusions and develop a personalized action plan for your home.

If you're dealing with a flooded basement, don't panic! Contact us for reliable, efficient, and professional flood damage restoration & cleanup services in Phoenix, AZ, that will bring your home back to its pre-loss condition.

Damage Caused by Water and Flooding

Materials like wood, drywall, flooring, insulation, and furnishings are porous. They soak up water fast. When these materials absorb water, they can become, stained, warped, or rotted. Worst of all, they are at risk for mold growth.

If structural materials like wood and drywall absorb a lot of water, then your home or building is at risk for structural damage. You should never hesitate to act when there is water damage on your property, whether it is from a leak or standing water.

Professional Water Mitigation and Cleanupresidential water restoration

Make sure you call our professionals for water mitigation as soon as you discover water damage. Our Phoenix water damage restoration technicians are fully trained and equipped to respond to water damage and flooding.

We use the best water extraction and drying equipment available. This means we can quickly remove standing water and moisture. If the water damage caused mold to appear, we can also safely remove mold growth.

Don't let water damage overtake your home - call us immediately at (623) 233-0127 for water removal, cleanup, and restoration near you!

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

Our Phoenix water damage restoration process includes:

  • Complete evaluation of the damage and identification of the source of the water
  • Water removal using advanced water extraction equipment
  • Drying using dehumidifiers and air movers
  • Full restoration and cleaning of affected areas
  • Content cleaning and restoration of damaged personal items, electronics, and important documents

Do not hesitate to call our professionals at ServiceMaster All Care Restoration. You can count on us to work with your insurance provider on the water damage claim.

We also serve the following areas:

  • Peoria
  • Scottsdale
  • Glendale
  • Surprise
  • Gilbert
  • Chandler
  • Mesa
  • Goodyear

For more information about our Flood & water damage mitigation, restoration, repair, and cleanup services in Phoenix, AZ, call(623) 486-0700 or reach out online today