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Smoke damage repair near you

We remove stains & odors caused by smoke and soot to fully restore your property.

Soot damage can be especially discouraging. Besides coating surfaces with an oily residue, soot can permeate into any material. It leaves behind a bad smell that can’t be removed by conventional cleaning methods.

Fortunately, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed by the extensive cleanup work you’re facing. You can take advantage of soot cleanup technology and expertise at ServiceMaster Apple Valley. We are your local disaster restoration contractor.

We Provide 24-Hour Emergency Service

When you need smoke damage repair, contact us or give us a call at (860) 850-2772.

Leave the dirty work to us

ServiceMaster Apple Valley has helped home and business owners return back to normal. This is following smoke and soot damage, fires, floods, and other disasters throughout Hartford, Avon, Simsbury, Southington, and nearby. We are enabled to provide the customized response we believe our customers need. This is because of our extensive experience in disaster restoration and reconstruction.

What is Puff Back?

Puff back is more common with oil-burning equipment. One example would be a furnace, but can also occur with gas-fired heaters. Puff back occurs when an ignition switch malfunction causes a furnace or boiler to discharge a massive amount of soot. Because the soot is black and sticky, it creates a major cleaning and deodorizing challenge. Interior surfaces, furniture, carpet, and most other building contents must be treated. Sometimes ductwork must also be cleaned.

Quick action Is Needed for Oil Burner & Furnace Puff Back Cleaning

Soot’s chemical composition can corrode certain metals and harm other materials. That's why quick action is necessary to minimize property damage after a fire or a furnace puff back. Smoke and soot can be absorbed by almost all your furniture and contents, especially porous materials or surfaces. It may continue to absorb odors until the soot is removed.

We begin our smoke damage cleaning service with a thorough inspection of the home. We assess the damage and determining which cleaners or solvents are appropriate. Then we use only the most effective techniques for cleaning, stain removal, odor removal and deodorizing.

We fix puff backs as part of our complete fire damage restoration services

Our technicians are specially trained. They can take on the whole-house cleaning and deodorizing process required in response to a puff back occurrence. If soot damage is associated with fire damage and water damage that occurred when the fire was put out, don’t worry. ServiceMaster Apple Valley can protect your residential or commercial property while providing restoration services. We can quickly provide temporary board-up repairs if necessary. We can also clean and store your portable possessions while building repair and restoration takes place.

soot Damage repair & cleanup is Availabe to residents in Hartford, Connecticut. Contact us or Call now at (860) 850-2772.