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Commercial Pack-Out & Content Management Services in Wichita

Protect Your Belongings from Further Damages

We have noted with concern that it is difficult to have flood and water damage or fire damage cleanup successfully without clearing property from the affected rooms and areas. To bridge this gap, we have several large storage facilities and warehouses in which we store the property after drying, cleaning and restoring it. When the cleanup of the affected rooms is complete and safe we are able to transfer and repack it.

Our commercial pack-out and content restoration process includes:

  • Inventory, packing, and transport of your belongings to a climate-controlled warehouse
  • A printed copy of inventory items
  • Restoration, cleaning, and deodorization of your items
  • Tracking and documentation of your contents throughout the restoration process
  • Easy access to items when needed
  • Returning of items to your business

We use a proven, automated process for inventorying, packing, and safely transporting your contents and furniture to a safe, climate-controlled location. To ensure accuracy, the automated inventory process records each item and tracks the status from removal to restoration. All items are cleaned, deodorized, and restored, as needed, by our trained technicians.

At ServiceMaster by Best, we have comprehensive solutions for commercial pack-out, transfer and storage designed to suit your business needs. The pack-out of documents etc. are a part of restoration services aimed at preparing your building or facility once again while restoring the contents. Offices and business centers affected by floods and fire disasters may require several days if not weeks for clean up and repairs before resuming normal operations.

Here is partial list of contents that we pack-out and store in our climate controlled warehouse from various businesses from the surrounding areas:

  • Office electronics
  • Documents in form of papers and books and files
  • Office furniture
  • Other products upon assessment
  • School library contents such as books