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Discovering Mold In Your Home Or Business Can Cause Anxiety.

Concerns about what kind of mold may be surrounding you, the detrimental effect it may have on your building’s structure, and whether or not it is safe to even breathe may be causing stress?

ServiceMaster by Cornerstone can aid you through the testing process and clean-up the affected areas.


Our team at ServiceMaster By Cornerstone is an industry leader in mold remediation in the Memphis market. If you are concerned that your property may have areas affected by mold growth, you should act immediately by calling our professionals to assess the situation. We will quickly respond to help minimize damage from the mold and lessen the overall costs to you.


Mold removal is a job best left to the professionals at ServiceMaster By Cornerstone in Germantown. We have over 20 years of experience cleaning and repairing homes and buildings affected by this type of issue after water damage has occurred. Let our experts put our water and mold removal expertise to work to ensure your home or building is healthy and safe.


If your Collierville property has been invaded by mold, you need to contact the mold remediation experts at ServiceMaster By Cornerstone, to find the sources of moisture and water damage. We understand how to safely remove mold and disinfect the affected areas. Our certified experts will ensure your home is clean, safe, and healthy for you and your family or co-workers.


If you’ve had excessive water in your property and/or are noticing foul odors, you may be at risk due to mold infestation. Our technicians specialize in mold remediation for both residential and commercial properties in Lakeland. Mold is not a problem you should ignore. Protect your health and your property by contacting ServiceMaster By Cornerstone today.


If mold has infested your home or commercial space, you need to seek help from a professional fast. Mold can be extremely damaging to your health and the health of your family. ServiceMaster By Cornerstone has mold remediation technicians that can assist with mold removal from your property. Conveniently located in Southaven, our company will ensure that your property is 100% mold-free.


ServiceMaster By Cornerstone uses a number of proven techniques to remove mold from homes and businesses in Arlington. Our emergency response team performs detailed inspections to determine the extent of the damage. Our trusted technicians will then work closely with you to create an immediate and efficient plan of action to remove the mold and determine the source of the moisture. Get in touch now and have our mold specialists resolve your water issues and remediate the mold in your property.


ServiceMaster By Cornerstone specializes in Cordova mold inspections, air quality testing, and removal of mold from residential and commercial properties. Mold can be one of the most dangerous issues to manage in your home or business. Don’t risk your health by trying to resolve this issue yourself or by using an unqualified technician. Call ServiceMaster By Cornerstone for expert mold removal now.


Are you concerned that your Bartlett home or business may be infested with dangerous molds and toxins? ServiceMaster By Cornerstone will inspect and remediate mold from your property with minimal disturbance. Get in touch now and we’ll help you with water extraction, drying, and rebuilding any damaged areas on your property.


MOLD TESTING, HAZ-MAT CLEANUP: We offer 24 hour, 7 day a week assistance to consult, give mold damage assessments, and help you find temporary shelter– even in the middle of the night.


    Using our specialized mold removal products, we clean walls, carpets, fabrics, drapery, upholstery, furniture and other contents in your home or business and get rid of mold spores, wherever they exist. We provide professional carpet cleaning services, aiming to refresh and recover your space and remove offensive odors and stains.


    We begin by being by testing the air quality in your home or business. After detecting the specific mold type and source, we begin mold remediation by sanitizing and deodorizing areas and items affected. The most common types of mold we treat include: aspergillus, cladosporium and stachybotrys atra (also known as black mold)


    We restore clothing, bedding, window treatments and drapes, upholstery, accessories and other textiles to their original condition safely and effectively.