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Memphis Mold Damage Services

Almost nothing can make your home feel less like a sanctuary than discovering mold. Unfortunately, mold spreads as soon as 24 hours after finding an adequate place to thrive. That means, by the time you’ve discovered it, it’s had time to make itself at home in your space. To keep the damage from worsening, allow ServiceMaster by Cornerstone to help with mold remediation and damage restoration services in Memphis.

Because mold is naturally occurring, you already have low levels that aren’t harmful to you or your loved ones. It isn’t until humidity or bacteria create the perfect environment for mold to grow that you have a mold infestation on your hands.

Our local Memphis restoration service experts are backed by a legacy of six decades, helping residential customers, just like you, reclaim their homes. We employ proven methods and use state-of-the-art equipment to remove mold, repair any damage, and try to keep it from returning.

Mold Damage Services Available 24/7

Our restoration service company is different from others in the area because we’re available to support you day and night. It only takes a few hours for mold to spread, so there’s very little time to waste, which is why we can answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We offer you a mold removal process that includes:

  • Inspecting your property to locate moisture sources and repair the issue immediately
  • Assessing structural damage caused by mold and fortifying damaged areas
  • Containing the mold infestation by blocking off rooms to keep you and your loved ones safe from mold exposure
  • Dehumidifying and deodorizing all affected areas to improve air quality and remove any lingering foul odors

Rest assured that our Memphis mold damage specialists will deliver a customer-focused experience and superior quality results that you’ll be happy with.

Get started by calling (901) 459-3675 or contacting us today.