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5 Common Appliance Leaks That Can Lead to Water Damage

Many important household appliances use water to perform their everyday functions. If they aren’t properly maintained and cared for, appliances can leak and cause significant water damage inside your home. Often, appliance leaks can go unnoticed for some time, leading to more extensive damage.

It’s important to have a professional assess any water damage resulting from an appliance leak in your home so that it can be properly remediated. At ServiceMaster by Cornerstone, we have the knowledge and expertise to help restore your home after water damage caused by a leaking appliance.

Before the damage occurs, however, it is important to know which appliances might pose the most risk of causing leak-related water damage in your home so you can monitor them for signs of a leak. These five appliances are some of the most common that can experience water leaks in your home.

1. Dishwasher Leaks

A leaky dishwasher is one of the most common causes of residential water damage. Flooding in your kitchen can lead to water damage to your cabinets and wood floors and cause other problems like mold growth, electrical damage, and unsightly water stains if it’s not properly managed.

Common causes of a leaking dishwasher include, but are not limited to:

  • An unlevel dishwasher
  • Using incorrect detergent
  • A faulty door gasket or seal
  • Incorrect loading of dishes or overloading

In most cases, dishwasher leaks can be fixed by following simple best practices when running a load of dishes. Otherwise, professional help may be needed to diagnose and treat the cause of the leak.

2. Washing Machine Leaks

Washing machines utilize a high volume of water when running, and their regular use can cause significant household water damage if leaks are not taken care of. If your washing machine is leaking water inside your home, there could be several causes. Front-loading washers can sometimes produce small leaks due to faulty seals or gaskets. If the leak appears to originate from behind or underneath the unit, a larger problem might be present, such as issues with the water pump or hose connections.

If your washing machine is located on the second floor and begins to leak severely, you may even notice water damage or a leak coming from the ceiling beneath it. At this point, it is important for you to have one of our trusted professionals assess and repair the water damage.

3. Water Heater Failure

Water heaters are constantly working to produce hot water for your entire home and are under more continuous stress than almost any other appliance. This can lead to expensive and time-consuming failures and leaks. If your water heater fails, not only can it cause water damage to your household, but you will also have to deal with the inconvenience of not having hot water.

Regular inspection of your water heater is the best way to prevent it from leaking or failing. If you notice water pooling around the unit, hissing or whistling sounds, or a shortage of hot water throughout the house, it’s time to get your water heater repaired.

4. Refrigerator Leaks

A leaky refrigerator could be caused by several different problems. It could be the result of water supply line issues, a clogged defrost drain due to an overcrowded freezer, or an issue with the unit’s ice maker. Whatever the case may be, water leaking from your refrigerator can cause water damage to your home and cause electrical failures, risking your perishable food items. Water damage inside of your refrigerator can also produce mold and contaminate your food, posing a serious health risk.

5. Toilet and Sink Overflows

The most common cause of an overflowing toilet or sink is a clog in the drain. This could be from flushing objects down the toilet or pouring bacon grease into your kitchen sink. No matter the cause, overflowing water from a toilet or sink can cause water damage to your kitchen or bathroom if left untreated.

Trust ServiceMaster by Cornerstone for Your Water Damage Repair Needs

If you’ve experienced water damage in your home or office, our trusted experts are the ones you can rely on to make things right. We know water damage doesn’t happen when it’s convenient, so we offer 24/7 services, including emergency water removal and temporary power and heating. Not only will we ensure your home is safe and dry, but we will do our best to restore your damaged belongings, including carpets, clothing, bedding, upholstery, and other textiles.

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