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Avoid These 6 DIY Water Damage Restoration Mistakes

From malfunctioning plumbing to flooding caused by severe weather, water can get into your Cordova home unannounced, leaving you with a mess to address. The stress of the situation can be so overwhelming that it can cause you to make various mistakes during the water damage restoration process.

There’s not much you can do to get in front of potential water damage. However, you can mitigate further damage and make resolving the issue easier and quicker by avoiding the following errors.

1. Not Having the Right Tools

On any given day, water damage can wreak havoc on your life. In fact, over 14 million homes are at risk of flooding annually. While you might think your home in Cordova is safe, you just never know. So, it’s always best to be prepared and have the right tools on hand. The worst thing you can do is be unprepared when an unexpected disaster strikes and your home is underwater—literally.

We recommend investing in the following:

  • A shop vac
  • Microfiber cloths and towels
  • A dehumidifier
  • A moisture detector

2. Thinking Water Damage is No Big Deal

Pooling water inside your home may not seem like a big deal until you realize water’s life-giving and destructive nature. Often, it’s not the damage you can see but the hidden problems that aren’t easily detectable.

Water damage can affect your home’s:

  • Foundation – Water has the power to seep into your home’s slab, causing cracks in the foundation. Foundational damage can be extremely costly, and the repair process can be lengthy.
  • Structural components – Overflowing water can damage joists, wooden beams, and load-bearing walls. Bacteria-laden water especially can eat away at these vital structural components and create safety risks inside your home.
  • Electrical – Electricity and water don’t mix. Not only does it cause a safety hazard, but it can severely damage your electrical system. Having to rewire or completely replace your electrical system can cost thousands of dollars.
  • Visual appeal – Water stains on surfaces makes your home look unsightly and unkempt. Your home deserves to look its best, so water damage restoration must be a priority and addressed as soon as possible.
  • Air quality – Poor air quality can directly result from water damage and potential bacteria that can produce mold, which is detrimental to your health if spores are inhaled or ingested.

Water damage is responsible for $20 billion in repair costs annually, so it’s important to take this issue seriously.

3. Rushing Through the Cleanup Process

Attention to detail and being meticulous when it comes to water damage restoration are vital. One of the many mistakes homeowners make when faced with water damage is rushing through cleaning. If you address water damage immediately, there may not be much to repair, and the likelihood of severe and permanent issues is minimal. Still, rushing through the cleanup process may yield only temporary solutions. It’s always a good idea to hire a water damage cleanup team to follow a proven approach and take their time thoroughly cleaning and dehumidifying your home.

4. Waiting Too Long to Address the Damage

Just as it’s important to take your time cleaning water damage, addressing it as soon as you know about it is critical. Why? Because it can weaken vital systems that keep your home functioning efficiently and your loved ones safe. If you know about a leaking appliance hose, damaged plumbing, or a severe weather event on the horizon—such as heavy winds and storms—be prepared to address potential water-related problems immediately.

5. Ignoring Proper Safety Procedures

Old water stains don’t usually pose a risk to your safety. However, even inspecting previous water damage can be dangerous. Everything from mold spores and bacteria to a weakened structure can result from water damage, making it essential to wear the proper protective gear. When assessing the extent of water-related damage, you’ll want to wear a mask, waterproof shoes or covers, long sleeve shirts, and pants. Any clothing that covers your skin is ideal to ensure you aren’t exposed to harmful pathogens lurking in the water.

6. Cleaning Before You Address the Underlying Issue

Sometimes, restoring your home after water-related destruction may be the easiest part of the process. Uncovering the underlying issue of the water could be what’s most complicated. For instance, a malfunctioning washing machine could leak water behind the appliance, resulting in foul odors and poorly washed clothes. You must seek assistance in repairing your appliance before you address any damage it creates. We recommend pinpointing the cause of the flooding and damage and establishing a plan of action to resolve it. If you don’t, you could be setting yourself up for future complications and expensive restoration costs.

Our Water Damage Restoration Pros Are Here to Help You Avoid Mistakes

Property damage of any kind is devastating, and it’s essential to have a professional restoration and repair company working with you. Our Cordova water damage cleanup team is ready to help you get your home back to normal by performing a thorough inspection and designing a custom restoration plan just for you. Not only can you rely on us to remediate water damage, but we can tackle mold damage, weather damage, and more!

Don’t wait for potential water-related issues to create permanent problems at your house. Call (901) 459-3675 to get started.