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New Hampshire & Massachusetts Home Mold Damage Repair Services

Professional Mold Removal & Cleanup to Restore Your Home

There’s no denying it – mold is not only ugly, it can make you sick, and it also causes destruction to your property from the inside out. Don’t think mold is that big of a deal? Think again. What starts as a small amount of mold can quickly turn into an infestation of your property that requires immediate response on your behalf or you risk further contamination. We urge you not to go the “DIY route” and take an online crash course when it comes to mold cleanup, as mold damage restoration specialists like ours at ServiceMaster Elite - New Hampshire and Massachusetts know how to handle mold inspections, remediation, and removal safely. Our team will work around your mold problem as quickly as possible so you can go back to your everyday routine.

ServiceMaster Elite - New Hampshire and Massachusetts is part of the ServiceMaster Restore® franchise, a nationwide brand that has set the standard for disaster restoration services for the past 65+ years. If you suspect your home has a mold problem or you’ve recently had standing water in your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We have the techniques, tools, and technology to remove the mold with our proven strategies that have shown to be effective time and time again.

Whether you’ve noticed a recent musty aroma or there’s high humidity in your home, you may need a mold inspection service. If you’ve noticed dark spots on your walls or ceilings, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at (888) 245-0354 for professional mold cleanup.

Restore Your Home & Keep Your Family Healthy with Professional Mold Removal

Without prompt intervention, mold will only control to spread and create more destruction as it does so. It can damage your HVAC units, decay drywall, weaken the roof, and the problems only snowball from there. Another reason to pick up the phone ASAP is because of the threat of toxic mold exposure, as black mold can aggravate allergies, asthma symptoms, skin sensitivities, and cause unrelenting headaches. When you notice a mold problem in your home, you should contact professionals right away the very first time you notice it so you can mitigate the risks it poses not only to your property, but to your health, as well.

The Mold Removal Inspection & Removal Process

Our expert technicians follow stringent mold-removal protocols when we tackle a mold-infested property. While this is likely your first time experiencing something like this, you can rest assured our team has seen many residences with mold damage and that we have effectively contained the damage and then eliminated it so our clients can go back to their life as usual.

When we arrive on the scene, we will quickly assess the damage and provide a rundown of the services we will provide in an upfront estimate. Once you agree to our services, we will begin the following steps:

  • Containment: Our team will work quickly to stop the spread of mold spores throughout your home too minimize further exposure. Mold is an invasive fungus and dangerous to inhale, so we work quickly to stop it from spreading.
  • Identifying moisture sources: Mold likes to grow in dark, warm, damp areas. It doesn’t take much, in fact, for mold to grow – and fast. All it needs is moisture, oxygen, and organic matter to reproduce and multiply.
  • Address the moisture problem: Because mold thrives in damp or humid areas, it’s important to dehumidify and dry out any underlying moisture problems and address the water damage it caused. Otherwise, mold will only continue to come back again and again. Our team will work to ventilate the area to keep it dry to keep this from happening.
  • Using sanitizers and biocides: Mold can’t be killed with plain tap water. Instead, it needs effective sanitizing chemicals. Our technicians work with sanitizers and biocides to rinse and wipe mode away after any lingering moisture is dried out. Biocides are used to destroy any leftover mold fungi spores.
  • Disinfecting surfaces: Our disinfects and wipes down surfaces to kill mold spores right at their roots to prevent them from coming back. These EPA-registered chemicals create an invisible barrier to protect them from mold’s harmful effects, and they also repel water, are stain-resistant, and protect against odor-causing bacteria.
  • Using encapsulants: The final step is to apply a sealant to all treated surfaces to prevent mold from recurring. This is particularly important to materials like wood, drywall, tiles, and any areas that would be difficult or impossible to remove during future mold removal efforts.

Get Back to Normal More Quickly with Emergency Restoration Services

Our staff knows you have your choice among New Hampshire & Massachusetts mold removal companies, so you might be wondering why you should choose ServiceMaster Elite - New Hampshire and Massachusetts . We are a proudly owned and operated business backed by the ServiceMaster Restore® brand name that uses a proven mold removal strategy to get rid of this downright unpleasant fungi. You don’t have to panic when mold contamination impacts your home. Our team answers the phone lines 24/7 to dispatch teams to homes in New Hampshire & Massachusetts, because we know events like these just don’t respect business hours. Our team works expeditiously to ensure you and your family can go back to living under your roof comfortably again without having to worry about the threat mold poses to it. We’ll help you breathe easy again ASAP.

Located in New Hampshire & Massachusetts and looking for a residential mold damage restoration company? Contact our team at ServiceMaster Elite - New Hampshire and Massachusetts today by calling (888) 245-0354 24/7.