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Commercial Specialty RESTORATION Services in Manchester, NH

Helping You Tackle Unique Restoration Needs

Typically, the words “restoration services” make people think of rebuilding a property after a devastating weather event. This isn’t entirely untrue. ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Merrimack offers commercial specialty restoration services in Manchester, NH, to help you recover your property after a specific event or situation.

We provide restoration support for various unplanned destruction, including:

  • Vandalism – If your commercial property has been vandalized, our team is on the scene after local law enforcement has done their job.
  • Biohazard – We help you clean up animal or human waste, trash, or bodily fluids from decomposition.
  • Reconstruction – Not only do we help you restore minor destruction, but also areas that require complete reconstruction. Our restoration team is here to help!
  • Tarping and board-up – Has a natural or unnatural disaster shattered your windows or destroyed your front door? We offer tarping and board-up services to protect your interior until we can install replacements.
  • Data and electronic restoration – From water damage to fire damage, our team helps restore and recover data and electronic information for your business.
  • Decontamination and disinfection services – After various disasters, foul odors, dirt, and bacteria linger on surfaces. We help decontaminate and disinfect to keep your staff healthy and safe.

Regardless of the circumstances, our commercial restoration experts are available day or night to provide assistance and guidance during this difficult time.

Post-Loss Recovery Support, So You’re Ready for Anything

It’s almost impossible to know when a natural or unnatural disaster will strike. And it’s even more unpredictable to anticipate the amount of damage your property will sustain. You don’t have to worry about feeling left in the dark or that your restoration project is becoming a confusing mess.

ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Merrimack offers pre-loss planning services to help you develop a plan to restore your commercial property faster. We support you in minimizing interruptions and keeping your doors from closing permanently.

We help you design a pre-loss plan that accounts for:

Temporary Satellite Work Location or Remote Work: In the event of a disaster such as a fire, flood, or other damage to your primary workplace, it's crucial to have a contingency plan in place. We help design a strategy that allows your team to continue their essential tasks by establishing temporary satellite work locations or enabling remote work. This ensures that your business operations can continue even when the primary workspace is inaccessible.

Preventative and Recovery Strategies: Proactive planning is key to minimizing the impact of potential disasters. Our pre-loss plan includes a thorough assessment of your business's vulnerabilities and potential risks. We work with you to develop both preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of disasters and recovery strategies to mitigate the damage in case they do occur.

Training Staff to Handle Work Until Restoration is Complete: Employees play a critical role in maintaining business continuity during and after a disaster. We help provide training and guidance to your staff to ensure they understand their responsibilities in the event of a disaster. This empowers your team to continue working, even in challenging circumstances, and contributes to a faster recovery.

Minimizing Financial Losses: Disruptions caused by disasters can result in significant financial losses. Our pre-loss plan includes measures to minimize these losses. This may involve insurance considerations, financial contingency plans, and cost-saving strategies, all aimed at protecting your bottom line during challenging times.

Expediting the Restoration Process: After a disaster, getting your business back on track swiftly is crucial. Our pre-loss plan includes strategies for expediting the restoration process. This might involve priority scheduling for restoration services, access to necessary resources, and a clear roadmap for a speedy recovery.

Our Manchester, NH team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist you with a contingency plan that supports your bottom line.

Call (888) 245-0354 for more information about commercial specialty restoration services or contact us today.